Ballymena martial artist upgraded to 7th Dan status

SENSEI Dan Redmond has been upgraded to the level of karate 7th Dan.

The examination took place over a 14 day period in Toledo, Ohio, USA.

The Ballymena man had travelled to take part in the training of Combat Martial Art Practitioners' Federation and when he was there he was informed that he was to be tested for the coveted 7th Dan Black Belt.

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During the two weeks that he was in Ohio approx 1200 people attended from USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe and many other parts of the World.

The 7th Dan examination was a combination of training, teaching, writing, lecturing etc.

Each daily session commenced with a run at 7am followed by flexibility and stamina exercises. Next came at least one hour of basics and combinations.

After a short break the training commenced again with a variety of work ranging from sparring, throws, groundwork, weapons drills and awareness drills.

A full hour was devoted each day to kata practice and this included applications from the kata which are useful in most self protection situations.

Dan was required to do some instruction each day. He chose to teach the kata applications he has learned over his 40 years involvement in karate

At the end of the two weeks intensive training Redmond was informed that he had completed all that was required of him and that he was upgraded to 7th Dan. In his teens Redmond had taken a keen interest in Boxing and Judo. He got involved in Shotokan Karate but later he transferred to Wado-Ryu Karate. He still practises and teaches the Wado Ryu Style in his clubs. In 1985 Dan formed the Chujo Karate Association.

Over the past 25 years several members of the CKA have represented Northern Ireland at International level and one of Redmond's members was the National Coach for a period of time. To commemorate 25 years as an official Association and in recognition of Dan Redmond's 7th Dan promotion the CKA have decided to start new beginner classes with a difference.

For the full Month of February anyone wishing to try karate can train free of charge. This offer commences 1st February and ends on 27th February. Anyone who then wishes to continue training will be invited to sign up for annual membership.

This offer is open to male and female from 5 years and older. No maximum age requirements.

For further information, telephone 07976987696 or email [email protected]