Ballymena midweek get back to winning ways

Ballymena Mid-week bowling team. INBT24-209ACBallymena Mid-week bowling team. INBT24-209AC
Ballymena Mid-week bowling team. INBT24-209AC
Ballymena Midweek kept their promotion aspirations alive when they travelled to Hilden last Wednesday night and came home with 5 of the 7 points on offer.

Keith Burnett, Wilfie Stewart, Paul Davidson and Joe McKeown won 4 of the first 1ww0 ends against I McDonald however they were still very much in the game as they only trailed by 2 shots.

The Ballymena men snatched the lead from the Hilden rink when they picked up 5 shots on the next end and they had the better of the remaining ends during which they picked by four 2’s to claim victory by 20 shots to 14.

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Willie McNabb, John Houston, Liam Lyness and Robert Mark took a while to settle down against D Harron on rink 2. The visitors could only win 3 of the opening 10 ends and at this stage of the game the home rink lead by 10 shots to 4.

The Ballymena men collected 3 singles over the next 3 ends to halve the deficit but that was as close as they could get to the Hilden men and when the game had been completed 3 shots was still the margin with the final score 14-11.

On rink 4 John Montgomery, Dessie Shaw, Norman Armstrong and Arnold Kenny were drawn against R Campbell.

The home rink had slightly the better of the opening exchanges and with 5 ends played the Hilden rink lead by 6 shots to 2.

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The Braid men then picked up 2 singles and a count of 6 shots on the 8th end saw them hit the front.

The next 9 ends were well contested and with only 1 end remaining the scores were tied at 14-14 however there was disappointment for the Ballymena rink as the Hilden rink scored a single on the final end to claim victory by 15 shots to 14.

Roy Kernohan, Bertie Thompson, Allen Stewart and Jim Cameron were in fine form against M McClean on rink 4.

The Ballymena men opened their account with a single on the first end and 5 shots on the next end saw the visitors take control from an early stage.

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The home rink did their best to stay in touch and with 12 ends completed the margin was 5 shots but the Ballymena rink finished strongly and another 5 shots on the 13th end ensured that victory would go to Cameron’s men who eventually won the game by 22 shots to 11.

Next week Ballymena entertain Pickie B.

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