Ballymoney Blaze 2nds go into semi finals

After a close encounter in the league both Ballymoney Blaze and Garvagh came into this match looking for a win to proceed to the semi finals of the Men's League Cup.

Ballymoney’s passing was poor throughout the first set while Garvagh showed amazing commitment to keeping the ball in play as they forced the play to win the first set 25-22 showing that they were in the match to win it.

In the next set Ballymoney came back with more ball control on passing and better hitting from younger less experienced players but Garvagh’s passing was still immaculate and they managed to put down point after point until they tightly lost the set to Ballymoney with a final score of 25-23 to Ballymoney.

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Garvagh for the first time showed their real hitting potential by firing some hard hits into the back corners of the court but Ballymoney’s passing started to quickly pick up but again it was a close finish at the end of the set with Ballymoney winning 25-22.

In the last set Ballymoney’s experience showed. Garvagh put up a good fight but failed to hold out. Final score of 25-9 to Ballymoney meaning that Blaze II’s will proceed to the semis where they will play a strong Aztecs Eagles side away.

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