Beach WPFG set to boost business in Portrush

On the back of the World Police and Fire Games kicking off in Belfast, Neville Moore, Managing Director of the White House in Portrush is predicting strong sales in the local area as a direct result of the games.

Portrush will be hosting three events including the Volleyball, Surfing and Surf Kayaking from Tuesday 6th to Thursday 8th August.

Thousands of visitors in the form of organisers, competitors and families are expected to make their way to Portrush for the beach events being held on the East Strand.

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Neville Moore, who owns department store the White House, which sells furniture, fashion, home-wares, says there’s a fantastic opportunity for local businesses to benefit.

He said: “The World Police and Fire Games will again throw a spotlight onto the North Coast and retailers should be primed to take advantage of the increased visitor numbers that come with that.

“The White House is one of the oldest businesses in Portrush having been established in 1891 and is an institution in the local area.

“I’m confident that many of the international visitors coming to the games will pay us a visit resulting in a boost to not only our sales but to the wider economy.

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“Of course we have some of the best events taking place here.

“The North Coast has always been a hot spot for surfers and beach sports and I for one will be following the games with a keen interest not only for their sporting appeal but their effect on the bottom line.

The White House is one of the oldest businesses in the North Coast and is an institution in the local area.

The department store which sells furniture, fashion, home-wares and luggage is currently having its biggest clearance event ever in its 122 year history.

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The competition is scheduled for Tuesday 6th, Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th August, starting each day at 10am with prize giving hosted at the end of each evening. The all important information that everyone wants to know is. yes its FREE! Although limited spacing for watching the event from the beach, Council is encouraging everyone to come to East Strand and watch.

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