BIBC triumph in the Sportsmans Cup darts final

BIBC emerged victorious when the Sportsmans Cup semi-finals and final took place in the sponsors rooms in the Alexanders Lisburn and District Dart League last weekend.

The semi finals were both a close affairs going to the last leg in both matches. Catch-My-Pal 4 lost out by the odd game to Belfast Indoor Bowling Club 5.

Catch winners were M. Cairns. B. Willis 121. S. Wylie 100. B. Faulkner. Bowlers winners were M. Ferguson. J. Bunting. T. Johnston. G. Matthews. B. Greer.

Pretty Marys 4 also lost out to Dunmurry Inn 5 by the odd game.

Pretty Marys winners were C. Flannery, M. Reynolds 2x140. C. McLean 100. T. Barnes 100.

Dunmurry winners N. Cummins 100. G. Andrews 100,140. A. Hodgen 100. S. Allen. W. Mc Gardle.

The stage was set for what looked like a close match in the final but the Bowlers were having none of it as the raced to a 5-1 victory over Dunmurry whose lone winner was A. Hodgen.

Bowlers winners were S. Glover, G. Matthews 134, R. Mineely 111, T. Johnston 2x100, J. Bunting 107 out shot.

All teams for League Five-Sides should be at Alexanders tonight Friday at 8pm, the draws are as follows. Ballymacash v. Ballinderry

Byrnes Hawks v Marketview B

The Crows v Manor Inn

Byrnes Eagles v Pretty Marys

Byrnes B v Catch-My-Pal

Marketview A v Reids Corner

Laganview v P. M. 2

B. I. B. C. v P. M. 1

All clubs are reminded to have their three-side entries and money in at next delegates meeting on the 21st of this month.

Highway ease to


Ballymac 1 Highway 9

Highway eased to a 9-1 victory over Ballymac in the Lisnagarvey Darts League last weekend.

Winners for Highway were I. Kerry, E. Mullan (106, 24 dart), M. Lilley, N. Bailie (100), D. Moorehead (140), J. Bishorek, W. Mullan (140), N. Cameron and B. Flanagan (100, 140, 20 darts).

Winner for Ballymac was W. Donaghy (100).

Ballylesson 1

Dunmurry 9

Winners for Ballylesson: G Thompson.

Winners for Dunmurry: J Millen Snr (100, 137, 23 Darts), M Guy (100), D Johnston (2x100), J McMullen, G Little (100, 22 Darts), S Toole, L Guy (125), C Waterworth (100 o/s).

Sandymount 1

Benmore 9

Sandymount’s winner was C Culbert.

Benmore winners A Adams (100,140) 22 darts, R Hamilton (140,125) 19 darts, I Ringland, R Williamson (140 x2) 21 darts, A Carlise (111) 19 darts, A Dazell (123), R McClean, T Dillon, C Kane (140x2) 19 darts.

Whites 5 Anvil 5

Winners for the Whites I crothers (140), K Moulds, C Brown, A Moulds (1x100,135, 20 darts), I Moulds (140).

Anvil winners, M Thompson, P Ridge (2x100), J Murray, J Ling, P Nelson (100 and 24 darts).

Bleachers 9 Derriaghy 1

Bleachers winners S Gillespie, B Gorman, D White 2x100 (20 darts), I McAllister, A Heasley 100, N Audley, C Nixon 180 140 (17darts), P Smith 2x100, S Rice.

Derriaghy’s winner was L Lison.

Beattie B 3

Hillsborough A 7

Beattie B winners N Walker (100), F Baird, J Bell (118).

Hillsborough A winners K Kane, P Kane (138), B McWilliams (140), R Morgan (100), C McClements (24 darts), N Bryans, J Murray (2×100, 140).

1st Blues 5 Downside 5

Winners for 1st Blues B.Johnston (140, 100, 23 darts), J.Coey (100), T.Friars, B.Mawhinney (140, 100), G.Bell (100, 125).

Winners for Downside I.Gibson, J.Bishorek Jnr (2x100, 24 darts), S.Martin (3x100), M.Wood (140, 100, 17 darts), S.Benson (100).