Bowls: National Qualifiers due to start

The Lisburn Zone qualifiers for the IIBA National Championships start tonight (Friday) with the Fours at Eglantine Parish hall from 7pm.
Denis Easton bowling for St Columba's against Masonic recently. US1541-536cd  Picture: Cliff DonaldsonDenis Easton bowling for St Columba's against Masonic recently. US1541-536cd  Picture: Cliff Donaldson
Denis Easton bowling for St Columba's against Masonic recently. US1541-536cd Picture: Cliff Donaldson

The various competitions will be played at several halls around the Zone and these are listed below for the benefit of both players and spectators. All matches start at 7pm, except stated.

NATIONAL SINGLES: Tuesday, November 3, Derriaghy; Thursday, November 5, Aghagallon.

NATIONAL PAIRS: Monday, November 2, St Joseph’s (7.45pm); Wednesday, November 4, St Clare’s.

NATIONAL TRIPLES: Tuesday, November 3, St Paul’s; Wednesday, November 4, Annahilt Parish.

NATIONAL FOURS: tonight, Eglantine; Friday, November 6, Soldierstown.

LADIES TRIPLES: Monday, November 9, Annahilt Parish.

OVER-55 PAIRS: Tuesday, November 10, Priesthill.

LADIES SINGLES: Friday, November 13, Eglantine (8pm).

JUNIOR SINGLES AND PAIRS: Friday, November 13, Eglantine (6.30pm).

LADIES PAIRS: Thursday, November 12, Hillsborough Social. ??????

FINALS: Saturday, November 21, Eglantine.

There will be no League Matches for the next two weeks, restarting Monday, November 16.

Junior bowlers needed

ANY young players interested in representing Lisburn at the Junior Inter Zone competition next month are asked to show their interest now.

There will be a series of practice nights and it is hoped many young players will come forward for these.

If you want to know more about the above please contact Sammy Bates 07889280090 or Ruth Neely 92622086.


Ballinderry hit the top


BALLINDERRY hit the top of Section A of the Roy Kennedy Fuels Lisburn League following the big clash away to Hillsborough Social, which they won by 18 shots and claimed six points.

A three gave Nathan Haire a 7-3 lead at the sixth, but Eddie Marsden came back with two, three before Hillsborough got the winning three.

Robert Sloan was 3-2 up at the fourth, but Paul Reid included a four to win by eight shots.

A three and two fours enabled Gordon Stubbs to lead 11-3 at the fifth and Michael Beattie could not come back, losing by seven shots.

A five allowed Raymond Stubbs to lead 6-3 at the fifth and Nick Haire only added a double before losing by five shots.

G. Riley, K. Conlon, T. Crawford, N. D. Haire 10, J. Marsden, L. Graham, R. Gourley, E. Marsden 8; G. Ervine, J. Newell, N. Shaw, R. Sloan 3, A. Morrison, D. Peden, S. McSorley, P. Reid 11; T. Haire, A. Riley, M. Trainor, N. Haire 5, D. Brownlie, J. McKinstry, N. Marsden, R. Stubbs 10; T. Heasley, D. Verner, K. Trainor, M. Beattie 6, R. McKinstry, S. Law, K. Morrison, G. Stubbs 13.


EGLANTINE, inspired by George McLernon shocked Priesthill with a 14 shots home win and all sevn points in Section A.

A four and a five helped John McCandless to a 10-1 lead at the fourth and 11-4 at the seventh though Ian Ferguson finished with two, three.

A four helped Charlie Morrison to a 6-2 lead at the fourth and though Roy Kennedy came back with three and four to level 9-9 Eglantine got the winning double.

Four was the only score for S. Heasley and George McLernon included a four to win by nine shots.

Mel McQuillan started with two, one, four but Philip Melville came back with two threes to lead 9-8 with an end left. Eglsntine got the winning double.

A. Liggett, S. Heasley, M. McLernon, J. McCandless 11, A. Millen, D. Croot, A. Mulligan, I. Ferguson 9; D. Kerr, D. Dowling, D. Ford, C. Morrison 11, M. Wright, C. Lyons, D. Lee, R. Kennedy 9; R. Neely, Jean Parkinson, J. Liggett, G. McLernon 13, G. Law, N. Girvan, M. McCammick, S. Heazley 4; J. Nelson, Mary McQuillan, Jim Parkinson, Mel McQuillan 10, E. Wright, B. Moore, J. McClatchey, P. Melville 9.


E. Mawhinney, I. Harrison, A. Lyons, R. Maitland 8, W. Garrett, K. Burns, M. Holmes, J. Chapman 12; J. Cairns, N. Mawhinney, D. Kane, W. Cairns 10, A. Allen, J. Cunningham, T. McCrory, G. Harvey 1; C. Magee, O. Callaghan, J. Magee, W. Hunter 8, W. Braithwaite, B. Allen, G. Megarry, P. Hughes 9; M. McMullan, C. McMullan, P. Halliday, T. Hill 10, J. Maze, R. Topping, J. Harvey, B. Kerr 11.


A. Patterson, P. Gregg, J. Campbell, E. Patterson 3, B. Moore, D. Croot, A. Mulligan, I. Ferguson 8; J. Gregg, E. Alexander, J. Copes, G. McMullan 8, M. Wright, C. Lyons, D. Totten, R. Kennedy 10; S. McAllister, I. Johnston, J. Alexander, M. Foreman 9, A. Millem J. McGlatchie, Robby Kennedy, N. Girvan 6; R. Mills, R. Wylie, D. Mills, G. Christie 18, G. Law, E. Wright, M. McCammick, B. Heazley 5.


J. McCord, G. Murray, C. McCord, J. Dunlop 3, F. Stevenson, J. Ellison, N. Martin, R. McCaw 12; C. Wilson, B. Wilson, H. Dillon, J. Mackey 17, J. Moore, C. Walker, S. Dougan, K. Ellison 2; G. Lavery, A. Bell, J. Johnston, J. Johnston 10, C. Barclay, S. McDowell, S. Barclay, D. Moore 5; J. Lavery, W. Mackey, C. Haughey, R. Martin 6, L. McDowell, L. Scott, A. Walker, J. Gray 7.


Guess who is playing?

ROY Kennedy Fuels League secretary, Ruth Neely, has asked me to reproduce this card in the way it was received. Puzzling isn’t it!

The message is that cards incorrectly completed will, in future, be returned to the home club for correction before it is submitted to Harry Allen for the Ulster Star.

Please take note. Several of these have been received over the years.

Date blank, teams blank.

A. Jennings, K. McClune, M. Smyth, R. Campbell 7, A. Harron, J. Jordan, J. Freeborn, D. Harron 8; M. Finn, H. McEwen, E. Rice, C. Kirkwood 6, D. Miskelly, J. Pink, R. Keag, C. McConnell 10; M. McClune, B. Bloomfield, M. Kerr, M. Kirkwood 10, H. Murray, L. Finlay, A. Carlisle, J. McMullan 6; L. Gilbert, M. McKeever, J. Kerr, R. Kirkwood 14, A. Miskelly, R. Montgomery, J. Williams, H. McMullan 6.

Score 37 pts 5; score 30 pts 2.


W. Irwin, H. Megrath, J. Shortt, K. Armstrong 21, L. Gilbert, M. Finn, M. Smyth, R. Campbell 2; L. Kirkwood, C. Aicken, D. Kirkwood, A. McNevison 17, J. Hamilton, H. McEwen, E. Finlay, C. Kirkwood 6; M. Adamson, J. Shannon, T. Irwin, S. Irwin, 12, M. McKeever, S. Belshaw, R. Kirkwood 3.75; D. Miskimmon, J. McIntyre, A. Smyth, A. Laughlin 5, M. Walker, A. Jennings, M. Kerr, M. Kirkwood 8.

ST JOSEPH’S 33 (6.5) SLOAN STREET 27 (0.5)

T. Law, S. Duffy, A. Laverty, H. Lundy 8, D. Miskimmon, J. Bell, C. Beck, D. Robinson 6; B. O’Rourke, M. McGuile, T. Mallon, D. Magennis 8, M. Adamson, C. Aicken, T. Beck, K. Armstrong 8; G. Laverty, M. Furey, A. O’Rourke, S. Mulholland 15, P. Adamson, J. McIntyre, D. Kirkwood, A. McNevison 7; T. Wilkinson, B. McFall, B. Magennis, C. Mulholland 12, L. Kirkwood, A. Smyth, H. Megrath, J. Short 6.

POND PARK 28 (2) ROCK 42 (5)

A. Ross, T. Moulds, I. Harbinson, J. Green 8, A. Lamb, P. Connolly, B. McKeown, M. Reid 7; S. Patterson, D. McCourt, D. Hutchinson, V. McCourt 2, F. Cunningham, T. Cushnahan, D. Lunn, F. Cunningham 17; J. Taylor, A. Brown, M. Stevenson, H. McCourt 8, T. Doran, H. Hart, J. Cushnahan, T. Cushnahan 12; S. Russell, J. Campbell, B. Park, D. Taylor 10, J. Fleming, J. Cushnahan, S. Cushnahan, P. Cushnahan 6.


V. Thompson, T. Parkinson, A. Briggs, H. Wilson 5, A. Marks, R. Hamilton, J. Belshaw, T. Gill 10; S. Wilson, G. Martin, T. Dougherty, D. Reddick 10, C. Agnew, T. Rolston, C. Ross, G. Fell 9; J. Waddell, R. Best, L. Garrett, J. Gray 4, M. Pollock, K. Johnston, D. Carser, R. Walker 12; R. Tougher, D. Gray, J. Thompson, B. Hobson 10, S. Williamson, N. Agnew, R. Carser, M. Fell 7.



G. Hamilton, R. Hamilton, J. Beattie, K. McCreight 4, D. Clenaghan, C. Markey, D. Brown, G. Little 6; M. Hamilton, B. Kane, O. McAvoy, B. McClarnon 2, M. Fitzpatrick, B. Clenaghan, S. Hannon, G. Tallon 14; J. McCartney, K. Quail, Darren Parkes, David Parkes 9, P. Mitchell, J. Toner, J. Connolly, J. McVeigh 4; M. Atcheson, B. Quail, J. Reilly, G. Parkinson 11, K. Russell, A. Clenaghan, G. Hamill, A. Thompson 9.

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