BOWLS: Robertson Pairs draw made

The draw for this year's Robertson Pairs indoor bowls competition has been made.

The finals night will be held in Craigyhill Presbyterian on Saturday, February 13 with play commencing at 7pm sharp.

All qualifiers are asked to be there for 6:50pm. Two players will qualify from each venue and the draw is as follows:

Monday, February 8 (at Cairncastle)

7:15pm, Woods / Woods v McCord / McCord

7:15pm, McDonagh / McKee v Carrick / Keats

7:45pm, Winner of Woods / McCord v Montgomery / Montgomery

7:45pm, Winner of McKee / Keats v Kane / Girvin

8:15pm, Young / Gingles v Moore / Swann

8:15pm, Bodles / Bodles v Witherspoon / Todd

Tuesday, February 9 at Gardenmore

7:15pm, McNeilly / Swann v Wallace / Lindsay

7:15pm, Todd / Johnston v Woodside / Stevenson

7:45pm, McFarlane / Duff v Duff / Duff

7:45pm, McAllister / Poag v Finch / Snoddy

8:45pm, McCullough / Moore v Semple / McLean

8:45pm, Blair / Blair v Wharry / Gingles

Wednesday, February 10 (at LB&LTC)

7:15pm, Spiers / Simms v Carmichael / McCarron

7:45pm, Winner of Spiers / Simms v Robinson / Jenkins

7:45pm, Noble / Steenson v McConnell / Snoddy

8:15pm, B Petticrew / B Petticrew v Montgomery / Cawood

8:15pm, McDermott / Magill v Rea / Steele

Thursday, February 11 (at St Cedma’s)

7:15pm, Hartnett / McLellan v Moore / Moore

7:15pm, Witherspoon / Beggs v Crawford / Stewart

7:45pm, Burns / Rankin v Elliott / Braiden

7:45pm, McGookin / McGookin v Semple / McCrudden

8:45pm, Crozier / McCowan v V Petticrew / M Petticrew

8:45pm, Shields / Armour v Humphreys / Apsley

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