Bowls round-up

Former Hilden player, Stephen Kirkwood, joined his Old Bleach team mate, Michael Nutt, to win the Private Greens pairs title.

They beat S. and M. Trainor, Dunbarton 29-14 in the final. But, Kirkwood lost in the under-25 singles final, going down 21-13 to S. Shields, Ballymena.

The Lisnagarvey rink of John and Gareth McCloughlin, Davy Boal and Ivan Craig lost at the semi-final stage of the NIBA Championships and David Johnston lost at the same stage in the youth singles.


Gilnahirk 112 (6) Dromore B 63 (1)

Dromore B’s hopes of promotion took a knock when they lost by 49 shots away to Gilnahirk in NIBA Division 4.

Down 8-11 at the tenth Colin Houston was 10-17 adrift at 15 ends and lost by 15 shots.

At the tenth Alan Sudlow wa 4-20 down and 8-28 at 15 ends before losing by ten shots.

Down 3-20 at the tenth and 4-33 at 15 ends Ken Aiken lost by 33 shots.

At the tenth Sammy Malcolmson was 12-6 up and 16-9 at 15 ends before winning by nine shots.

C. Simpson 26, A. Clinghan, B. Brown, I. Houston, C. Houston 11;M. McKee 28, C. Kidd, J. Maxwell, J. Dickson, A. Sudlow 18;. S. Neill 42, C. Davis, J. Black, H. Maxwell, K. Aiken 9; N. Boyd 16, T. Ogle, R. Bolton, N. Shaw, S. Malcolmson 25.


Shaftesbury 60 (0) Hilden 110 (7)

Hilden received a huge boost which strengthens their bid to avoid relegation from Private Greens Division 2.

They took all seven points away to one of their rivals, Shaftesbury, which puts them in the position to avoid the drop.and the manner of the win by 50 shots suggests they can survive.

It as tight at 14-11 but Jonathan Gray pulled away to 30-12 before winning by 30 shots.

Down 13-15 Howard McMullan came back to 16-16 and was 19-17 up before dropping a shot at the last end.

Ahead 14-4 Trevor Gray went 22-10 in front before winning by 12 shots.

Lifting a six and later lifting five, three, three, four Keith Morrison was 27-3 up before winning by 17 shots.

A. Carlisle, B. Keag, C. Montgomery, J. Gray 34, C. Warren 14; B. Turner, J. Williams, D. Sloan, H. McMullan 19, B. Scott 18; M. McQuillan, J. Liggett, R. Gourley, T. Gray 24, F. Thompson 12; W. Scott, A. Morrison, E. Marsden, K. Morrison 33, B. Hiles 16.


Lisnagarvey B 80 (4) Annalong 69 (3)

In Lisnagarvey B’s last home match Denis Rankin notched up 48 shots as Garvey eased to victory and though he only lifted 35 shots this time they were much more important.

His rink’s 25 shots win gave Garvey an 11 shots success and earned them four points against Annalong in NIBA Division 4.

Ken Armstrong came close but lost by a shot as Garvey fight to get away from relegation trouble in this highly competitive Division.

D. Rankin 35, Annalong 10; K. Armstrong 15, Annalong 16; A. Reid 14, Annalong 21; J. Chapman 16, Annalong 22.

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