Buckna to face Glarryford in Nelson Cup final

Buckna will face Killymurris Glarryford in the final of this year’s Ballymena & District Churches League Nelson Cup.

Chris Adams delivers a wood for Buckna in their Nelson Cup semi-final against Second Broughshane 'A'.

The defending league champions edged past Second Broughshane ‘A’ by a single shot in a thrilling semi-final played at Cloughwater.

It was a closely-contested game all the way through, between two evenly-matched sides and at the interval, Broughshane held a three-shot lead.

It was equally close in the second half and the game reached a thrilling conclusion.

On the last end, Buckna’s A McCullough needed three shots against Maurice Montgomery to foirce a tie end.

McCullough played an aggressive shot to leave a certain two shots and a possible measure.

Unfortunately for Broughshane, Montgomery final delivery clipped one of the Broughshane bowls, knocking it out and leaving Buckna with the shots they needed to scrape home with a somewhat fortunate single shot


In the other semi-final, Killymurris Glarryford overcame Cullybackey Methodist ‘B’.


Meanwhile, in the league, Buckna are refusing to give up their title without a fight after recording a maximum 10 points from their two most recent games.

Second Broughshane ‘A’ 3.5, Cuningham ‘A’ 1.5: C Turtle 7, S McKee 14; I Montgomery 14, L McIlroy 6; J Turtle 10, G Logan 10; M Montgomery 17, D Stewart 5.

High Kirk 1.5, Cullybackey Methodst ‘A’ 3.5; D Robinson 7, T Rock 7; T Mcpeake 9, B Williams 11; H CLements 4, W Reid 11; M Boyd 8, N Peacock 7.

Grange 1, Cuningham ‘B’ 4: B Millar 8, B Lynn 15; G Millar 11, B Russell 9; H McCullough 12, J Marks 16; R Duffin 5, H Lynn 12.

Killymurris Carblea 1.5, First Ahoghill 3.5: D McCullough 10, T Morrison 9; WJ McAlonan 2, W Morrison 14; D Rea 6, A Morrison 17; W Crawford 6, D Morrison 6.

Buckna 5, Second Broughshane ‘B’ 0: J Reid 22, DJ White 1; S Hamill 16, N Graham 3; A Hamill 11, C Currie 10; A McCullough 22, D Murray 9.

Second Broughshane B 1, Ballymena Methodist 4: D Murray 8, M Arbuthnut 9; N Graham 11, R Dickson 5; J Kernohan 4, J Simms 11; C Currie 6, A Bacon 8.

High Kirk 4.5, Clough B 0.5: D Robinson 10, S Anderson 9; T McPeake 11, R Frew 5; H Clements 9, J Wasson 9; M Boyd 18-3.

Buckna 5, Cullybackey Methodist ‘A’ 0: S Alexander 21, T Rock 2; S Hamill 16, R Peacock 5; A Hamill 15, N Davidson 7; A McCullough 14, W Reid 5.