Bushmills MMA star hopes to make it big in Las Vegas

A BUSHMILLS Mixed Martial Arts fighter is leaving the north coast for the bright lights of Las Vegas as he pursues his dream of becoming a MMA champion.

Twenty-four year old Norman Parke (pictured) is preparing for a bout that could define his career.

‘Stormin Norman’, as he is known to the province’s fight fans, is entering a new knockout tournament in the fight capital of the world.

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The Next Generation Rodney Moore-trained fighter though knows he is in for a tough challenge.

“Most of the guys in this tournament are all UFC vets,” revealed Parke.

“But my plan is to make it to the big time. A lot of people have helped me get to where I am now, none more so than my dedicated coaches and loyal fiancee.

“They have been central to my success and I plan to repay them.”

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Many American-based fighters believe their European counterparts struggle with the ground game in MMA.

But Parke is a two-time Irish wrestling champion and judo blackbelt who will look to dictate where the fight takes place.

Tournaments like there can propel fighters to new levels and the Bushmills lad looks capable of making it all the way to the UFC.

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