Clarke is the main man as he dominates action

This weekend saw the National Bangers take to the Aghadowey track for the first time, twenty cars were all out for action and certainly did not hold back.
Action from the National Bangers race.Action from the National Bangers race.
Action from the National Bangers race.

Englishman Lee Clarke was joined by drivers from Scotland and the Republic of Ireland at the circuit.

The track was greasy to start with as it dried out from a wet day, but it all added to an exciting night of racing.

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Scotland’s Lee Moore set the early pace but soon caught the back markers. This was not too good for Lee, as he passed the back markers the pack set upon him and he was blitzed. This put an end to his race as the car was totally wrecked .

This gave Clarke the chance to take the lead with fellow Englishman Joe Barrett and Joe Moore from Scotland trying hard to reel him in. But they couldn’t catch Clarke and he took the victory in the Race Champions Trophy.

In the second heat Garvagh’s Willie McFaul pushed Clarke all the way, but once again he took the flag from McFaul with Barrett finishing just behind.

The bangers finished the night with a Destruction Derby and it was all out war as the only car left was deemed to be the winner in this race. The final saw a huge pile up in the pit gate corner and this was to take a lot of cars out of the race, but Clarke was still on the move.

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Stevo McGrath was still running, but his car was in a bad way and was down on power. At the pit gate corner Clarke took McGrath’s car out in one big smash to give the Englishman another win.

This was a weekend that Lee will remember for some time as he was on a roll and was untouchable. The best car in the class was given to Dom Davis and Lee Moore from Scotland took the prize for the best smash on the night.

This was going to be one of these nights when hot pace was going to be needed to win the Stock Rods. The race the second round of the lucrative PC Paints & Components Challenge series.

The first race saw Derek McMillan lead out and take the win, but the final heat was going to be much more of a battle. It saw McMillan lead the pack out, but he was to lose the lead and this was due to a slight mistake allowing McNiece to take the lead.

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Victor McAfee though was hot on his tail and he was able to get close to McNiece’s bumper and he just got the slightest of gaps allowing Victor to get a chance to move down the inside of the leader.

By the start and finish line Victor took the lead and was to hold it to the winning flag.

The 1600 thunder rods class was one of the hottest races on the night and all the drivers were going for it in what is a very competitive class.

Darrell Hanna, a driver that raced at the Aghadowey Oval some twenty years ago, took the first win and was over the moon , it is great to see a driver with a long standing in the sport winning.

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In the Robin Reliant class this was the night that Jay Jay McConaghie was to totally blow everyone away with a hot race pace. Jay Jay knew he had to keep the pressure up as Ballymoney’s Steven Bolton is well placed in the Championship.

This is a fun class as the cars have the great ability to just roll in the corner without the driver knowing, with this in mind the drivers need a greater skill to keep the cars on track.

The two girls in the class Haley Bevan and Lisa Bevan both showed that women can race and keep up with the guys and were well on the race pace on the night. But Jay Jay took the three wins and all the points. Sadly Alastair Bolton was forced to withdraw in the final, but he will be back at the next race meeting.

The next race meeting is this Friday night, June 17th, race flags drops at 7.30 sharp . it will see the 2.0 litre hot rods, ninja karts, 1600 thunder rods and lightning rods all in action.