Convincing win for Blaze as league action resumes

Ballymoney Blaze returned to the Northern Ireland league after their recent trip to Kosovo in the European Cup with a fixture against the Polonia Wolves who always provide a great game and always show great passion.
Ballymoney BlazeBallymoney Blaze
Ballymoney Blaze

The team from Ballymoney were determined to show how their European experience had benefitted them and their excitement was matched by an ever loyal home crowd.

However, as with previous meetings between these two teams which had resulted in Blaze victories, they had confidence that this time would be no different.

Ballymoney Blaze immediately asserted their dominance on this fixture with a great serve receive from Aaron McKendry which provided the opportunities for aggressive attack from captain David Park.

This led to an eight point gap between the two teams however despite this gap the Wolves continued their fighting spirit with each member making sure they gave everything they could to keep the play alive.

Despite their efforts Blaze were able to finish the set off with rocket-like serves from Matt Scott and the score finished 25-15.

The second set saw Blaze continue their consistent dominance and clever attacking from Jonathan Workman gave the team a lot to cheer about.

Paired with the great attacking was the exceptional blocking from Gavin McCaughern who became for a nightmare for the Wolves hitters and this ensured a commanding Blaze lead in Fortress Dalriada.

The set finished 25-14 as Ewan Rogers applied great pressure through his serving to the Wolves defence.

Blaze didn’t ease up and this third set was witness to super decision making from the setter Ciaran White who showed great control all night.

This then allowed Jeff Scott to show off his trademark power in his attack and this proved to be too strong for the Wolves.

This set was a comfortable finish to the match with Blaze sealing the deal and taking the three points with a final set score of 25-10.

Captain David Park commented on the match: “It was great to see the team perform at the level they are capable of and take the win convincingly. Hopefully we can sustain that standard for the rest of the season.”