Cubitt takes overall trophy at Rasharkin

Over the last two weeks Rasharkin & District held their now Annual 3 in 1 Shows for Old Birds and Young Birds, lots of birds were on show from local lofts and a number of visitors. Overall Show Trophy was won by Harold Cubitt.

A C & T Tweed won BIS for the Young Birds, with judges Gibson & Dickey of New School Lofts. inbm49-14s

Rasharkin & District HPS held the first of two annual shows at the weekend, a good turnout of 113 old birds were penned for a 3 in 1 Show judged by Henry McLaughlin from Coalisland and Davy Abbott from Cookstown.

Old bird Through wires - 1st: J & M Milliken, 2nd: J & M Milliken, 3rd: Steele & McNeill, 4th: J & M Milliken, Reserve: Steele & McNeill, Vhc : Blair & Rankin, Hc: H Cubitt, Commended: Steele & McNeill. Judged by Henry McLaughlin & Davy Abbott.

Old bird Handled - 1st: Steele & McNeill, 2nd: A C & T Tweed, 3rd: J & M Milliken, 4th: A C & T Tweed, Reserve: Blair & Rankin, Vhc: H Cubitt, Hc: T Kaczynski , Commended: Blair & Rankin. Judged by: Davy Abbott

Harold Cubitt had Red Card in YB Through Wires and Show Series Cup. inbm49-14s

Old Bird Eye-sign - 1st: Steele & McNeill, 2nd: Blair & Rankin, 3rd: Steele & McNeill, 4th: H Cubitt, Reserve: Blair & Rankin, Vhc : J & M Milliken, Hc: H Cubitt, Commended: T Kaczynski. Judged by Henry Mclaughlin. Best in Show won by Steele & McNeill. Best Opposite Sex won by A C& T Tweed.

Rasharkin & District HPS: The 3 in 1 Show for the Young Birds was held on Saturday 29th November, the judges Geoff Dickey and Gary Gibson travelled down from Cullybackey. The members would like to thank all those who supported the two shows, the judges and many thanks to Henry Mclaughlin Feeds Coalisland for supplying the many prizes.

Winners this time included A C & T Tweed Best in Show, Harold Cubitt Best YB Through Wirers and show series winner. Steele & McNeill won Best YB Eye-sign and Best Opposite Sex.

Young birds t/w - 1st: H Cubitt, 2nd: H Cubitt, 3rd: A C & T Tweed, 4th: J & M Milliken, Reserve: W & J McLean, Vhc: J & M Milliken, Hc: H Cubitt, Commended: J & M Milliken. Judged by Gary Gibson & Geoff Dickey.

Young birds handled : 1st: A C & T Tweed, 2nd: H Cubitt, 3rd: H Cubitt, 4th: A C & T Tweed, Reserve: Steele & McNeill, Vhc: A C & T Tweed, Hc: H Cubitt, Commended: Steele & McNeill. Judged by Gary Gibson Cullybackey.

Young Bird Eye-sign: 1st: Steele & McNeill, 2nd: P McDonald, 3rd: H Cubitt, 4th: W & J McLean, Reserve: H Cubitt, Vhc: W & J McLean, Hc: W & J McLean, Commended: Steele & McNeill. Judged by Geoff Dickey Cullybackey.

Ballymoney HPS: Season started last Friday with Young Birds and Old Bird Eye-sign, the judges travelled down from Ballymena, George Eagleson and Brian Herbison. Young Cocks – 1st & Special D Dixon, 2nd L Neill, 3rd D & G McMullan, G Wilson, Reserve J Connolly, VHC & HC D Dixon, Commended Brown & Stewart. Young Hens - 1st, 3rd & VHC Brown & Stewart, 2nd, 4th & HC D Dixon, Reserve J Connolly, Commended D Gage. Old Bird Eye-sign – 1st, 2nd, Reserve & VHC D Dixon, 3rd & Commended D & G McMullan, HC D Gage. Raffle won by John Edgar. Friday – Old Cock & Old Hen T/W and Young Bird Eye-sign.

INFC Charity Show – Will take place one week earlier this year, on Saturday 6th December in Lisburn Leisure Centre. Usual stands have booked their space, fancy pigeons and show classes will again be on view. Wesley Sawyers has taken over the role of the Charity Sale auctioneer from Ronnie Johnston who had been involved from the first show. Ballot tickets are with the local clubs, they need returned to Helen Marshall before the show date or at the show itself. Sam Briggs is now the Show Manager and would appreciate any help. If you need any info on the show contact Sam Briggs Tel: (028) 92 676400 or anything to do with Charity Sale contact Wesley Sawyers Tel: 07831 560399.

Show Classes are as follows: Old Cock Flown Channel, Old Hen Flown Channel, Young Cock Flown 150 miles, Young Hen Flown 150 miles, AA Cock Un-flown AA Hen Un-flown. Show Racers & Variety Pigeon Classes: Show Racers Old Cock, Show Racers Old Hen, Show Racers Young Cock, Show Racers Young Hen, Variety Pigeon Classes. Entries to John Edgar, 23 Ballywatt Road, Coleraine BT52 2LT before 1st December 2014. Fancy Birds entries to John McNeill, Tel: 07716 - Penning all birds 9.00am until 11.30am. Judging will start 12 Noon.

The Charity Sale will start at 4.00pm in the Lagan 3, same room as INFC AGM. Please note the Lisburn Leisure Centre Front Entrance is closed, fanciers should park at the rear via the Hillsborough Road opposite Lagan Valley Hospital.