DARTS: Just one of top four sides pick up a win

There were topsy-turvy results in the latest series of matches in the Larne and District Ladies’ Darts League with just one team from the top four recording a win.

St John’s defeated defending champions No. 1 Eagles 5-3, United were held to a draw at Pigeon Ladies, while Legion Wings went down 5-3 at home to Gers.

As a result, just three points separate the top four sides. United lead the way on 88 points - one point ahead of both St John’s and No. 1 Eagles. Legion Wings are on 85 points.

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In the other matches Fleet Ladies saw off Legion Ladies 7-1 while Thatch and No. 1 Ladies had 5-3 wins over St Comgall’s and Tech respectively. Ballylumford and Rangers had to settle for a share of the spoils.


No. 1 Eagles 3 (L. Swann, J. Graham, M. Penny) v St John’s 5 (J. Montgomery, B. Allen, M. Montgomery)

Pigeon Ladies 4 (B. McCormick, J. Norrell, J. McCowan, J. Johnston) v United 4 (N. Irvine (27 darts), T. Anderson, D. McFaul, S. Marno)

Legion Wings 3 (A. Reid, S. O’Toole, J. Todd) v Gers 5 (A. McConnell, L. Livingstone, L. Maguire, L. Addy, B. Wilson)

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Thatch 5 (E. Robinson, H. Stubbs, L. Rea, H. Lough, Z. McAuley) v St Comgall’s 3 (J. Clarke, M. Kelly, K. McMaster)

Tech 3 (M. Lilly, E. Wilson, J. McAleese) v No. 1 Ladies 5 (L. McHendry, L. Swann, G. McNeill, J. Davey, M. Hodge)

Ballylumford 4 (J. White, M. Kirkpatrick, W. Corken, J. Maguire) v Rangers 4 (S. Holden, A. Robinson, I. McFaul, A. Longmore)

Fleet Ladies 7 (M. Smith, W. Bell, K. McNeill, D. Reid, H. Hood, L. Reid, L. Houston) v Legion Ladies 1 (P. Yendall).

Fixtures (January 21)

St John’s v Legion Wings

Rangers v No. 1 Eagles

St Comgall’s v Ballylumford

Legion Ladies v Thatch

No. 1 Ladies v Fleet Ladies

United v Tech

Gers v Pigeon Ladies