Defeat for injury-hit Coleraine under-17's

INJURY once again plagued the Coleraine under-17's as they took on Rainey with centre Bill Black unable to pay with a non-rugby related head injury that had required stitches.

However, the Rainey squad had players to spare and lent Coleraine a player in the interest of fair play.

The match started poorly for Coleraine when Rainey managed to win back their own kick off. After a few phases of play a scrum was awarded to Rainey and the ball was fed to the backs who scored.

Coleraine hit back and were unlucky not to score with Clyde and Brad McCaw, both brought down mere feet from the line.

Captain Hamish Wilkinson was next to go close as he charged down a clearance, but he knocked on as he tried to recover the loose ball.

After a few phases Coleraine were punished by Rainey when a speedy winger outpaced the defenders in what was purely a foot race.

Coleraine however refused to back down and once again forced their way into Rainey’s 22. Another try was narrowly missed following a blistering drive by Johnny Clyde taking three men to finally dragged him down. A pick and drive for the line was almost successful, however in the act of placing the ball a knock on occurred.

Coleraine continued to play hard in the second half with hard pressure applied to the Rainey attack and defence. But an injury to one of their key lineout jumpers slowed their attacking impetus.

To their credit though the depleted squad kept going with Jason Balmer and Wilkinson both going agonisingly close to crossing the line.

The major impact of missing Callum showed in Coleraine’s defence as Rainey used their advantage at the lineout and also in overlaps allowing them to score a number of times.

The final blow came when Coleraine’s powerhouse runner Johnny Clyde was injured in the final period of the match.

The final score of 53-0 does little justice to what was a hard fought game of rugby.