Defeat to Saints cuts United’s lead

Pace-setters United’s lead has been cut to just two points following their 5-3 defeat at home to St Comgall’s, coupled with Legion Wings’ 6-2 win at Tech.

Third-placed St John’s had a 6-2 win over No. 1 Ladies while No. 1 Eagles, Pigeon Ladies and Rangers all enjoyed 5-2 wins over Fleet Ladies, Ballylumford and Legion Ladies.

The remaining match between Thatch and Gers finished all square at 4-4.


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St John’s 6 (S. Morrow, K. Knox, J. Montgomery, V. McDonnell, B. Allen, R. Allen) v No. 1 Ladies 2 (J. Davey, M. Hodge); No. 1 Eagles 5 (E. Woods, J. Spiers, N. Roberts, C. Rea, M. Hardy) v Fleet Ladies 3 (K. McNeill, J. Hood, S. Barkley); United 3 (T. Anderson, J. Corrigan, S. Marno) v St Comgall’s 5 (M. Maxwell, E. Toner, M. Evans, C. Shaw, M. Lehd); Thatch 4 (L. Rea, H. Lough, E. Robinson, Z. McAuley) v Gers 4 (L. Addy, B. Wilson, C. Livingstone, H. Hull); Legion Ladies 3 (K. McCormac, P. Yendall, W. Woodside) v Rangers 5 (E. McRoberts, N. Hagans, I. McFaul, J. Nelson, A. Longmore); Pigeon Ladies 5 (W. McMurtry, J. Norrell, K. Norrell, B. McCormick, J. McCowan) v Ballylumford 3 (J. Hyslop, N. McFaul, M. McIlroy); Tech 2 (K. Moore, M. Lilly) v Legion Wings 6 (S. O’Toole, T. Johnston, A. Reid, P. Hopkins, J. Ferguson, J. Todd).

League fixtures (Tuesday, March 18): Legion Wings v Pigeon Ladies; Ballylumford v No. 1 Eagles, Fleet Ladies v Thatch; St Comgall’s v Legion Ladies; No. 1 Ladies v United; Gers v St John’s; Rangers v Tech.

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