Difficult conditions for anglers at Craigmore

Some difficult fishing at Craigmore this weekend due to the sudden big drop in temperatures and the first sigh of ice on the lake, and the wind blowing from all directions.

Robert Paul 13 on cats whiskers with 5 over 5lb. Ian Fleming 10 on bloodworm and lures [email protected], Pawal Sinicia 11 on buzzers 2@4+lb and 2@3+lb. Ian Wilson 15 on bloodworm 1@7lb and 2@5lb. Jonny McNeill 20 on a couple of visits on buzzers 3@4+lb.

Tom Jackson 13 on spiders and buzzers 1@7lb, 1@5+lb and 1@4+lb. John Hughes 9 on orange lures few @3-4lb, Sandy Doreen 9 on the weed 2@5+lb and rest 3-4lb, Martin Foster 8 on lures 5@3-4lb, Mark Patton 7 with 1@5+lb. Andy Maquire 9 on spiders, Harry Diven 8 on lures 1@5+lb. Jim Magill 7 on spiders 3@5+Lb. Matthew Laffin 10 on orange lures 2@5+lb.

Thanks to everyone who attended the Christmas Party on Saturday night - it was a great night with plenty of laughs..

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