Divided on Sunday game

Armagh fans are divided on the GAA’s decision to pencil in their sides last remaining league game for Easter Sunday.

Kieran McGeeney’s team will make the trip to Sligo to play the Connaught men in a meaningless game considering they have already qualified for the Division 3 League Final against Fermanagh who will also play in Division 2 next season. It’s not the first time the supporters have been asked to travel on what is considered a family day, in the past Armagh have played on Easter Sunday including a league final against Down in the eighties.

Although Sligo need to win to be sure of avoiding relegation it would be a surprise if Armagh were beaten, considering many of their players will be pushing for a place against Fermanagh and will also be keen to impress before the Championship season begins.

Armagh are expected to make several changes for Sunday’s game.