Dominant Glenariffe too strong for Carey

ACHL Div 2 2012

Sunday 17th June 2012:

Carey 1.9 Glenariffe 3.22

Carey started on the attack with Ciaran McCaughan sending a ball into full forward Colin Smyth who sent it over the bar. Glenariffe replied instantly and within 30secs Dan McKillop had equalised.

Approaching 2mins Carey’s Shane McCambridge battled for the ball and won it, passing to James McCouaig who sent it into the forward line where Martin McAuley pulled on it sending it into the back of the net.

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Once again Glenariffe replied quickly and had 2 points in the board within a minute and a half.

Glenariffe pointed a free after 5mins to leave things all square. Both sides had a wide apiece before Johnny McIntosh slotted over 2 points for Glenariffe and sent a free wide.

Approaching 14mins Emmet Hunter reduced the deficit to just 1 with a 65 metre free. Glenariffe followed this up with a point from their centre half back within 2mins.

Carey then couldn’t find the target over the minutes that followed with 2 wides and 2 shots dropping short to the keeper. Glenariffe then also had 2 wides.

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Carey pressurised the Glenariffe defence in this period but just couldn’t penetrate and the visitors cleared Ciaran McCaughan’s shot on goal.

Glenariffe sent a few more shots over the bar courtesy of Eamon Kearns and Johnny McIntosh and Carey keeper Steven McGinn was also called into action to make a save and clearance.

Glenariffe found the back of the net after 28 and a half minutes, while Carey’s reply by Patrick Butler found the post a minute later.

James Black pointed a free in the dying minutes of the half to leave 8 between the sides at the break.

Half time score: Carey 1.3 Glenariffe 1.11

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A very quick Glenariffe 20m free after just 15secs was sent over the bar by McIntosh. McIntosh then sent 2 balls wide while Shane McCambridge’s effort also went wide. Martin McAuley got Carey’s second half started with a point from a tight angle after 3min 20secs. This was followed up just 30secs later with a pointed 45m free by Cathal McAuley.

Over the next few minutes Glenariffe added 2 points to the board and also won a couple of 65m frees which fortunately for the home side dropped short.

Glenariffe went through a spell of dominance around 10mins into this half and over the next 7mins had added 6 points to the board and hit a couple of wides while Carey could only reply with a point by captain Cathal McAuley, set up by Sean McLoughlin.

Glenariffe found the back of the net at the 17 and a half minute mark. Carey’s John McBride added a point 2mins later but the visitors replied instantly with a point.

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Sean McLoughlin then added Carey’s 8th point of the match but another Glenariffe free helped McIntosh to another point on the board.

Glenariffe got their 3rd goal of the match after 24 and a half minutes. Carey ended the match on the attack with Shane McCambridge adding a point to the board but this just wasn’t Carey’s day and the home side were down to 14 players in the dying couple of minutes following an injury to Chrissy Butler and Carey had already made all 5 substitutions.

In the last 2 minutes of play it was all Carey as they had a 20m free saved and cleared and also hit 2 wides. Glenariffe were just too strong on the day for the home side and came away with a comfortable 19 point victory. Final score: Carey 1.9 Glenariffe 3.22

Carey Team: (1) Steven McGinn; (2) Paul Devlin; (3) John McBride; (4) Michael McVeigh; (5) Sean McLoughlin; (6) Emmet Hunter; (7) James Black; (8) Shane McCambridge; (9) James McCouaig; (10) Patrick Butler; (11) Cathal McAuley; (12) Patrick McBride; (13) Ciaran McCaughan; (14) Colin Smyth; (15) Martin McAuley Subs used: (22) Christopher Butler on for (14) Colin Smyth (22min 10sec); (17) Tommy Devlin on for (13) Ciaran McCaughan (38min 30sec); (16) Daniel McAllister on for (15) Martin McAuley (48min); (20) Patrick McAlonan on for (2) Paul Devlin (50min); (19) Sean Gillan on for (12) Patrick McBride (54min)

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Subs not used: (18) Gerard McBride; (21) Fiachra McVeigh; (23) Christopher Duncan. Scorers: James Black: 0.1 (free) Emmet Hunter: 0.1 (free) Cathal McAuley: 0.2 (0.1 from a free) Martin McAuley: 1.1 John McBride: 0.1 Shane McCambridge: 0.1 Sean McLoughlin: 0.1 Colin Smyth: 0.1

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