Eagles hit Legion Ladies for six

Larne Ladies’ Darts League: No. 1 Eagles eased to a 6-2 win over Legion Ladies this week, while St Comgall’s defeated Thatch Ladies 5-3.

No. 1 Ladies saw off visitors Legion Wings 5-3 and Fleet Ladies defeated St John’s on the same scoreline.

The match between United and Rangers was postponed due to the passing of a fellow team member from the Rangers Club.


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Legion Ladies 2 (D. Scott, E. Yendall) v No. 1 Eagles 6 (E. Woods, J. McIlroy, J. Spires, C. Orr, N. Roberts, J. Graham); Thatch 3 (C. McMeechan, L. Rea, E. Robinson) v St Comgall’s 5 (M. Lehd, E. Toner, C. Shaw, A. Shaw, M. Henry); No. 1 Ladies 5 (S. Davey, D. Erdis, A. McMillen, M. Hodge, M. Kirkwood) v Legion Wings 3 (J. Todd, I. Haveron, T. Johnston); St John’s 3 (C. McCormac, J. Montgomery, B. Allen) Fleet 5 (J. Hood, S. Barkley, K Mc Neill, D. Reid, M. Smith).

High scores

131 H. Hood (Fleet Ladies)

121 S. Scott (Legion Ladies)

114 C. McCormac (St John’s)

102 A. McMillen (No. 1 Ladies)

The Pairs is scheduled for January 13, Legion Club.

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