Eagles special olympians benefit from ‘big match’

The Married Men v Single men charity football played at Gortgonis proved again to be a massive success, also for 
Eagles Special Olympics club.

The annual fundraiser is organised by Olly O’Neill and David Magee and benefits the local charities chosen by the two men.

This year it was the local St Vincent De Paul Society and the Eagles Special Olympics Club who were chosen as the beneficiaries by two men who clearly do great work for chairities. And long may they continue to enjoy doing so.

The match had a great turnout and resulted in a win for the Married Men on the day but the charities are the real winners each receiving over £900.

On behalf of both the charitities, we say a sincere thanks to all those who played and took part and, most especially of course, the main organisers.

The Eagles SO Club will join neighbours Starbreakers SO Club Carrickmore for an awards night in Quinns Corner this Friday.

Both clubs have had a very successful season, resulting in athletes from both clubs being selected to represent Ulster in next year’s All Ireland Games in Limerick.

The special awards night is very much a genuine thank you to all the athletes, as well as the volunteers and family members for their hard work and endeavour over the past twelve months.

Watch this space next week to see who all the various winners will be.

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