11 quick fire questions with Ballymacash Rangers manager Lee Forsythe

Ballymacash Rangers manager Lee Forsythe answers our quick fire questions and reveals what he loves most about The Bluebell, his match day superstitions, and his proudest non-footballing achievements.

1. What was your best moment as manager of Ballymacash Rangers FC?

Easily getting the club promoted to the Irish League.

2. Do you have any pre- match superstitions?

Lee Forsythe reveals his proudest non-footballing achievements is his daughter Anna, who turns 9 soon, and who makes him proud ''every single day.'' Lee also lost an incredible 11 stone in just eight months. Picture credit: Paul Harvey

Where do I start? They start on a Monday morning and run right the way through until kick off!

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Manager of Ballymacash Rangers Lee Forsythe and Chairman Neil Woolsey on club su...

3. Ballymacash Rangers is 2-0 down at half time. Do the players get hair dryer treatment or cool calm and collected?

It would depend a lot onwhether it’s a case of a hard-working performance and our lads are giving their best against a better team - or a below standard performance with below required work rate.

4. Who is the manager who inspires you most?

Overall, I would have to say Davy Jeffrey, I grew up watching his Linfield team andloved the man.

5. Messi or Ronaldo?

Messi easily. Ronaldo is the hardest working but Messi is a gift from God.

6. Can you tell us the name of one Irish League player you wish you could sign?

Andy McGrory (one day soon)

7. Who is in charge of the music in the changing room?

The music is horrendous, and Dylan Davidson seems to be DJ.

8. Who was your footballing hero growing up?

Pete Batey or John Devine from Glentoran

9. Tell us your greatest non- footballing achievement?

My daughter Anna who is turning 9 and makes me proud every day. I would have to say losing 11 stone in eight months would be up there as well.

10. What is the best thing about the Bluebell?

The fireworks.

11. Finally, would you like to give a special mention for a volunteer who has worked at the club whose work hasn’t gone unnoticed?

There are so to mention, there’s many dedicated volunteers right through the club right down to the youth section.Neil (Woolsey) is the obvious one as he is involved with everything good at the club and the man lives and breathes Ballymacash, as does Honorary President Tommy Heasley who was a founding member of the club back in 1984. Phil Trimble, a Director within the Sports Academy, also deserves a mention.