Davy lands jackpot success on Sports Bond

IT was somewhat appropriate that to celebrate a tenth anniversary Jackpot, the Jackpot be won by a ten year member.

As luck would have it and fate dictate it was.

Davy Kernohan was a prolific goal scorer in the Saturday morning league football for Central Blues and Steadfast amongst others but to net a £1000 is something special.

Davy has been a 10 year member of the Russsell agency on Glendun Drive, currently the agency is run by Vicki Russell. Initially it was Noel Russell followed by Jonny for a few years and latterly by Vicki.

Vicki was almost overcome by excitement when informed by promoter Brian Thompson, for her effort Vicki picked up a bonus of £100 as the winning agent.

Congratulations to both Davy and Vicki. For the record Davy’s winning numbers drawn on the sixth draw were 3, 8, 10 and 11.

This week’s draw saw two Ballymena United players win on Sports Bond, goalkeeper Dwayne Nelson (A7267) won £50 and captain Allan Jenkins (A5871) won £10.

Andy Armstrong (A4294) a previous multiple winner won £50 and game agent Ann Hume her second major winner in successive weeks.

Ballymena supporter David Oliver (A8718) won £50 on Patricia Thompson’s agency and the final £50 major winner was Kelly Nelson (A2986) a relative and member of Maurice Anderson’s agency.

In the minor section there were £10 wins for Robert Kirkpatrick (A6995) on John Armstrong’s agency. E. Heron (B8884) on Ken’s News and Jean Scott (B4722) on the agency of Andrew Boyd.

So the third £1000 Jackpot of 2011 has been won and we are now in Sports Bond’s 11th year, onwards and upwards.


Sports Bond 10th Anniversary celebrations will come to a conclusion with the 10th Anniversary dinner at the Services Club on Friday night.

The 10th Anniversary draw will take place and the agents will come together to celebrate Sports Bond’s achievements.


The Imperial Bar agency have lost a valued member with the passing of Jean Benson affectionately known as Scotch Jean.

Sports Bond extend their sympathy to Jeans family and The Imperial Bar.