D&D Youth fixtures

THE next D&D Youth meeting, takes place at Pilots Row, on Tuesday. All teams should bring the names of managers who wish to do the level one coaching badge.

While next week’s games are as follows (mid-week matches KO at 6.30pm and weekend matches KO at 11am): Monday, May 7 U16 League: Sion V Ballymoor (Sion), Eglinton v Culmore (St Canices); Trojans Colts v Newbuildings (Prehen 5). U13 League: Newbuildings v Sion (Newbuildings). U13 Cup Q/F: Top of the Hill v Culmore (St Brecans).

Tuesday 8th May: U11 Cup Q/F: Sion v Oxford (Sion); Tristar v Culmore (Barra). U13 League: Don Bosco’s v Trojans (Prehen 2); Brooklyn v Foyle Harps (D/F 2). U16 Cup S/F: TOTHC v Oxford (Central); Trojans v Tristar (Oakland).

Wednesday 9th May: U12 League: Foyle Harps v Tristar (Leafair); Don Bosco’s v Eglinton (St Columbs 2); Trojans v Brightstars (St Columbs 3); TOTHC v Oxford (St Brecans); Sion v Culmore (Sion).

Thursday, May 10 - U11 Cup Q/F - Eglinton v Brightstars (St Canices). U11 League: Trojans v Don Bosco’s (Oakland); Ballymoor v Oxford Colts (D/F2). U14 League: Brooklyn v Eglinton (Central); TOTHC V Culmore (Lisnagelvin 1).

Saturday, May 12 - U13 League - Trojans v Tristar (Oakland); Brooklyn v Newbuildings (Prehen 2); Foyle Harps v Culmore (D/F 2); Sion v TOTHC (Sion).

Derry & District Mini soccer school of excellence at Magee: Saturday, May 5 - U10s - 10am: KNC v Newbuildings; Trojans v Trojans Colts. 10.30am: KNC v Trojans; Newbuildings v Trojans. 11am: Ballymoor v Eglinton; Strathfoyle v TOTHC. 11.30am: Ballymoor v Strathfoyle; Eglinton v TOTHC. 12noon: Culmore v Killea Nixons Corner; Oxford v Sion Swifts. 12.30pm Culmore v Oxford; Killea Nixons Corner v Sion Swifts.

Sunday, May 6 - U7 - 10am: Tristar Colt’s v Oxford; FC Corinthians v TOTHC; Killea Nixons Corner v Trojans. 10.30am: Tristar Colts v Killea Nixons Corner; FC Corinthians v Oxford; TOTHC v Trojans.

U8 - 11am: Ballymoor v Oxford; Brightstars v Tristar; TOTHC v Oxford Colts. 11.30am: Oxford v Brightstars; TOTHC v Tristar; Ballymoor v Oxford Colts.

U9 - 12pm: Ballymoor v Killea Nixons Corner; F.C Corinthians v Trojans; Foyle Harps v Oxford; Top of the Hill v Tristar. 12.30pm: Ballymoor v Trojans; Killea Nixons Corner v F.C Corinthians; Top of the Hill v Foyle Harps; Tristar v Oxford.

Monday, May 7 - U10s - 6pm: Clooney Soccer School v Don Boscos; Oxford Colts v Tristar. 6.30pm: Clooney Soccer School v Tristar; Don Bosco’s v Oxford Colts.