Foyle Cup training starts

THE first training sessions for the Derry & District FA’s Foyle Cup teams will get underway this weekend at the Templemore Sports Complex.

In preparation for this summer’s youth football tournament, the Under-12 and Under-13 D&D youth teams will meet up for the first time with their respective coaches while the selection process for the U10 and U14 teams will continue.

The Under-12 squad training session will take place this Sunday from 10.30am until 12.30pm and the Under-10s will train from 9.50am, also on Sunday.

The U13s will meet tonight (Fri.) at 6.30pm and the U14s will also train tonight at 6.30pm. Players must bring £2.

Under-12 squad - (Foyle Harps) - Robert Kelly, Rory Bradley, Aaron McGurk, Ben McCarron, P. J. McBrearty, Mark McDaid, Caolan Diver; (Oxford) - Oran Gill, Adam McColgan, Bradley Callaghan; (Trojans) - Tom Mullan; (Culmore) - Jack Duffy, Jude Mullan, Ross Nicholas, Ruairi O’Boyle, Morgan Murray, Rachel Barnaby, James Lynch, Eugene Burns; (Top of the Hill Celtic) - Jack Malone, Shay Kelly, Conor McGowan, Caolan McBrearty; (Tristar) - Dean Palmer; (Brightstars) - Rhys McKeever, Michael McConnell, Oran Roddy, Jack Mullan; (Eglinton Eagles) - Luke Murphy, Anthony McGuinness.

Under-13 squad - (Top of the Hill Celtic) - Jack Henry; (Sion) - Dylan McColgan, Thomas McConnell, Conall Arnold, Dylan Peoples, David Parkhouse; (Trojans) - Mark Doherty, Dean Shields; (Newbuildings) - Jack McClelland; (Don Bosco’s) - Ciaran Deery, Caolan Tudor, Scott Rice, Nathan McEniff; (Foyle Harps) - Ethan Doherty; (Culmore) - Noel Murphy; (Tristar) - Dylan Beattie, Ryan Doran; Emmett Heaney.

Under-14 squad - (Newbuildings) - Mathew McClelland, Travis Hetherington, James Crawford, Tommy McCorkell, Justin McFaul, Corry Hill; (Top of the Hill Celtic) - Dermott McCrossan, Conal Guille, Declan Lynch, Darragh Buchanan, Jamie Brown, Jordan Brothers; (Sion) - Adam Bonner; (Culmore) - Mark Gorman, Luke Coyle, Ethan Mullan, Ronan Doherty.

Under-10 squad - Paul Anderson (Top of the Hill Celtic); Mathew Whoriskey (Killea); David Arthur (Sion); Daniel Duddy (Ballymoor); Jason Donegan (Oxford); Adam Green (Killea); Cameron Doherty (Strathfoyle); Ryan Kennedy, Odhran McKeever (Trojans); Caoimhan Porter (Ballymoor); Conor Hargan (Oxford); James Kernan (Killea); Evan McLaughlin, Tiernan Devine, Kaelan Devine (Foyle Harps); Jack O’Donnell (Killea); Nathan McCrudden (Trojans); Alex Bishop (Sion); Dominic Dunne (Don Bosco’s); Kieran McLaughlin (Newbuildings); Adam Carr (Culmore); Tiernan McKinney (Foyle Harps); Alex Boyd (Clooney); Orrin McLaughlin (Foyle Harps).

The next meeting of the D&D Youth FA is this Tuesday.

The Foyle Cup coaches have asked that all players arrive on time for training.

Forthcoming fixtures - Monday, May 14th, U12 League, Eglinton v Sion (St. Canices); TOTHC v Foyle Harps (St. Brecan’s); U16 League, TOTHC v Trojans (St. Columb’s 3); Ballymoor v Eglinton (Leafair); Brooklyn v Oxford (Prehen 5).

Tuesday, May 15th, U11 League, Trojans v Ballymoor (Oakland); Tristar v TOTHC (D/F 2); U12 League, Oxford v Culmore (Central); U14 League, Sion v Culmore (Sion); U16 League, Tristar v Trojans Colts (Prehen 2), Culmore v Newbuildings (Culmore).

Meanwhile the Magee Mini Soccer Academy fixtures are as follows: U10, tomorrow (Saturday) - 10am, Killea Nixons Corner v Newbuildings; Top of the Hill v Trojans Colts; Killea Nixons Corner v Top of The Hill; Newbuildings v Trojans Colts; 11am, K.N.C. v Sion Swifts; Tristar v Trojans; K.N.C. v Tristar; Sion Swifts v Trojans. 12noon: Culmore v Eglinton; Ballymoor v Foyle Harps; Culmore v Foyle Harps; Eglinton v Ballymoor.

Sunday, May 13th - U7, 10am, Brooklyn v Tristar; Killea Nixons Corner v F.C. Corinthians; Brooklyn v F.C. Corinthians; Killea Nixons Corner v Oxford; Oxford v Top of the Hill.

U8 11am, Ballymoor v Tristar; Brightstars v Strathfoyle; Oxford v Top of the hill; Ballymoor v Top of the Hill; Brightstars v Tristar; Strathfoyle v Oxford.

U9 12noon, Ballymoor v Top of the Hill; Foyle Harps v Tristar; Killea Nixons Corner v Oxford; Trojans v Ballymoor; Trojans v FC Corinthians; FC Corinthians v Top of the Hill; Oxford v Foyle Harps; Tristar v Killea Nixons Corner.

Monday, May 14th - U10 6pm, Clooney Soccer School v Oxford; Oxford Colts v Strathfoyle; Clooney Soccer School v Strathfoyle; Oxford v Oxford Colts; Top of the Hill Celtic.