Local football round-up

Youth soccer action from the under-13 game between Hillsborough Boys and TW Braga, at Barbour. US1509-521cd  Picture: Cliff DonaldsonYouth soccer action from the under-13 game between Hillsborough Boys and TW Braga, at Barbour. US1509-521cd  Picture: Cliff Donaldson
Youth soccer action from the under-13 game between Hillsborough Boys and TW Braga, at Barbour. US1509-521cd Picture: Cliff Donaldson

Youth and Rangers still at the top

Lisburn Youth and Lisburn Rangers Youth are still battling it out at the top of the under-13 section of the Lisburn Junior Invitational League.

Both had comfortable wins on Saturday, but TW Braga, who beat Hillsborough Boys 3-1 are emerging as the main challengers to the pair.

Youth soccer action from the under-13 game between Hillsborough Boys and TW Braga, at Barbour. US1509-521cd  Picture: Cliff DonaldsonYouth soccer action from the under-13 game between Hillsborough Boys and TW Braga, at Barbour. US1509-521cd  Picture: Cliff Donaldson
Youth soccer action from the under-13 game between Hillsborough Boys and TW Braga, at Barbour. US1509-521cd Picture: Cliff Donaldson


UNDER-13: Lisburn Dist 5, Greenisland 2; Lisburn Rgs 6, Chimney Corner 2; Lisburn Y 3, Willowbank 0; Lurgan 2, Ballymena 1; N. End 1, Carrick 0; TW Braga 3, Hillsborough 1.

UNDER-14: Downpatrick 2, Portadown 4; Lisburn Y 2, Bloomfield 0; Hillsborough 6, Ox Sunnyside Colts 1; Lurgan 1, Armagh 0; Shankill 1, Lisburn Dist 2; Warrenpoint 1, Ox Sunnyside 4.

UNDER-15: Ox Sunnyside 2, Windmill 2; Hillsborough 1, N. End 0; Newry 2, Ballyclare 2; Lisburn Dist 5, Greenisland 1.

UNDER-16: Lisburn Rgs 0, N. Belfast 2; Lisburn Y 0, Lisburn Dist 1; Lurgan 1, Greenisland 2; Banbridge 1, Downpatrick 1; N. End 2, Willowbank 3.

UNDER-17: Banbridge 1, Lisburn Dist 4; Bloomfield 2, Willowbank 1; Carrick 1, Newry 0; Lower Maze 4, Hillsborough 0.

League and Cup games tomorrow

ALL Cup quarter finals, except stated:

GLENMORE: 9.30, TW Braga v Windmill u13; 11.15, Hillsborough v Lisburn Rgs u13..

FULLERTON PARK: 9.30, Lisburn Y v Greenisland u13; 11.15, Donegal Celtic v Greenisland u15.

MOIRA: 9.30, Lurgan v TTBS u13, Ballymena v Lisburn Dist u13 League; 11.15, Armagh v Ox Sunnyside Colts u14 League.

BARBOUR: 9.00, Carrick v Willowbank u13 League, Willowbank v Hillsborough u16, Willowbank v Banbridge u17; 11.00, N. End v Chimney Corner u13 League, Ox Sunnyside v N. End u15 League, Downpatrick v N. End u16.

BALLYMACOSS: 9.30, Ox Sunnyside v Shankill u14, Lisburn Dist v Lurgan u16 League, Dromara v Lisburn Dist u17; 11.15, Bloomfield v Lisburn Y u14, Portadown v Warrenpoint u14, Banbridge v Midway u16.

WALLACE PARK: 9.30, Carrick v Hillsborough u15, Lisburn Y v Lisburn Dist u15, Lower Maze v Bloomfield u17; 11.15, Downpatrick v Hillsborough u17, Lurgan v Lisburn Dist u14 League, Hillsborough v Newry u17.

NEWRY: 7.30pm, Friday, Windmill v Newry.

ORANGEFIELD: 9.00, Carrick v Knockbreda u17 League; 11.00, Ridgeway v Greenisland u16.

South Antrim League

Premier Division

Robb gets the only goal

Stevie Robb got the only goal of the game for Braniel YM which gave them a vital win over Clonduff YM.

In the other Premier game Lambeg Rangers came back from 0-2 down to draw 2-2 with Belvoir FC thanks to goals from Johnny Nixon and Mark Coates.


Bloomfield win again

Bloomfield III maintained a winning streak with a 3-0 win away to Clonduff YM II.

Belvoir FC II were 4-3 winners over Orangefield OB III.


Warren II stay at the summit

Warren YM II had a surprisingly easy 4-0 win over Ballymacash Rangers III which keeps them clear at the top of Division 2.

Eddie Ferguson, Aaron Cahoon, Lee Furfey and James Lyness got their goals.

Ballymacash YM III had a 4-2 win over Lambeg Rangers II with Dale Hanna getting two of the goals

Gordon Hanna Trophy

Ballymacash reach the semis

Ballymacash YM reached the semi-final of the Gordon Hanna Trophy with an easy 4-0 win over Glaston with Chris Edgar hitting a hat-trick and James Thompson getting the other one.

A last minute goal from Terence Morrison gave Sandy Row a 3-2 second round win over FC Utd Lisburn.

Stephen Irvine and Daniel McFadden got the other Sandy Row goals and FC scorers were Tommy Roy and Andy Doran.

Supplementary Cup

Warren YM had a 4-1 win over 1st Lisburn in Group A with goals from Jay Hamilton 2, Sammy Orr and Graham Stitt.

Supplementary Plate

FC Utd Lisburn II lost to Braniel YM II 4-2 in Group A. Their scorers were Glen Oldroyd and Stevie Matthews.

Colin Valley III and Cregagh Wanderers drew 2-2.

In Group B, Colin Jamison 2, Ricky Cromie, Stephen Tierney and an own goal earned Ballymacash YM II a 5-0 win over Victoria Athletic.

Whiteside Memorial Cup

Glenavy III beat 1st Lisburn II 4-0 in Group A with Stevie Stewart, Stevie Clydesdale and Irwin Cunningham 2 on the scoresheet.

Neville Gorman and Gareth Matthews got two apiece in the 4-3 win for Moira Albion II over Clonduff YM III.

In Group B, Carrowdore YM beat Newtown Forest III 5-1 with goals from Greg Lynn 2, Joss Dunlop, Matty Horner and William Truesdale.



Braniel YM 1 Clonduff YM 0

Belvoir FC 2 Lambeg Rgs 2


Clonduff YM II 0 Bloomfield III 3

Orangefield III 3 Belvoir FC II 4


Ballymacash Rgs III 0 Warren YM II 4

Lambeg Rgs II 2 Ballymacash YM III 4

Gordon Hanna Trophy, Second Round

Sandy Row 3 FC Utd Lisburn 2


Glaston 0 Ballymacash YM 4

Supplementary Cup Group A

1st Lisburn 1 Warren YM 4

Supplementary Plate Group A

FC Utd Lisburn II 2 Braniel YM II 4

Colin Valley III 2 Cregagh Wand 2


Ballymacash YM II 5 Victoria Ath 0

Whiteside Memorial Cup Group A

Glenavy III 4 1st Lisburn II 0

Moira Albion II 4 Clonduff YM III 3


Carrowdore YM 5 Newtown Forest III 1

Tomorrow’s South Antrim League Fixtures

PREMIER DIVISION: South Antrim v Lambeg Rgs, Ballymacash YM v Belvoir FC.

DIVISION 1: FC Utd Lisburn II v Belvoir FC II.

DIVISION 2: Warren YM II v Clonduff YM III.

GORDON HANNA TROPHY, quarter final: Sandy Row v Clonduff YM.

SUPPLEMENTARY CUP: Group A: FC Utd Lisburn v Warren YM, Braniel YM v 1st Lisburn.

SUPPLEMENTARY PLATE: Group A: Clonduff YM II v Colin Valley III, Braniel YM II v Cregagh Wand. Group B: Bloomfield III v Victoria Ath, Orangefield OB III v Ballymacash YM II.

WHITESIDE MEMORIAL CUP: Group A: Moira Albion II v Ballymacash YM III, Glenavy III v 1st Lisburn II. Group B: Lambeg Rgs II v South Antrim II, Newtwon Forest III v Ballymacash Rgs III.



Warren YM 15 8 3 3 30

Ballymacash YM 11 7 1 2 22

FC Utd Lisburn 15 8 1 5 22

Glaston 14 9 0 4 21

Braniel YM 11 7 2 1 20

South Antrim 14 5 2 7 17

Clonduff YM 12 6 1 3 13

Sandy Row 10 4 0 5 12

1st Lisburn 13 3 2 7 11

Lambeg Rgs 14 2 1 11 7

Belvoir FC 13 0 2 11 _2


Braniel YM II 16 12 2 2 38

Ballymacash YM II 14 12 0 2 36

Bloomfield III 14 8 1 5 25

FC Utd Lisburn II 16 7 1 8 22

Colin Valley III 16 7 1 7 22

Orangefield OB III 15 6 2 7 20

Clonduff YM II 13 7 0 6 18

Village Rec 15 6 0 9 18

Belvoir FC II 15 6 0 8 15

Cregagh Wand 17 4 1 12 13

Victoria Ath 15 3 0 11 9


Warren YM II 16 12 2 2 38

Ballymacash Rgs III 15 10 2 3 32

Carrowdore YM 14 9 3 2 30

South Antrim II 17 7 5 5 26

Glenavy III 16 8 1 7 25

Moira Albion II 16 7 2 7 23

1st Lisburn II 16 8 2 4 20

Ballymacash YM III 15 4 2 9 14

Clonduff YM III 13 5 0 8 9

Newtown Forest III 16 2 2 12 8

Lambeg Rgs II 18 0 4 14 4

Blues Bus

1st Lisburn Blues supporters club will be running a bus from their Sackville Street clubrooms tomorrow (Saturday) for Linfield’s match against Warrenpoint. Clubrooms open at 12pm. Bus leaves at 2.15pm.

Lisburn Rangers Youth

Lisburn Rangers Youth 6 Chimney Corner 2

It was a quick start for Lisburn Rangers Youth against Chimney Corner, with a few half chances things were looking positive for a team renowned for slow starts but it wasn’t to be the team performance spectators were waiting for and the beautiful game faded away.

It all came down to work rate or should we say a lack of it, with players not making the runs or putting pressure on the ball a team unit is going to struggle.

The game was never in doubt as Chimney Corner weren’t strong enough but a better team would have caused big problems for Rangers, this was not the preparation needed for the big games ahead.

Rangers opened the scoring when Josh McMaster headed home from a corner but things hadn’t settled so it was more start, stop football. Thomas Burns sailed the ball over the keeper from a wide angle to make it 2-0 at half time.

With a change of personnel at half time things improved and Rangers started to play with more pace and precision, the rewards came with Josh McMaster and Thomas Burns doubling their tally but yet again Rangers lost their way and were punished for sloppy play with Chimney Corner scoring twice in ten minutes.

More pressure from Rangers finished off Chimney Corner when a penalty was awarded for a foul in the box with Lee Hutton driving it home and just before the end Josh McMaster got his third with a powerful drive from 25 yards.

The game finished 6-2.

It was a below average display from Lisburn Rangers but remember all teams will have a bad day and how many will win 6-2 on that day, also we must keep in mind we are talking about 12 year old kids who have set a firm foundation but have a long way to go.

• Lisburn Rangers are recruiting for age groups 2006-08, training every Sunday at Lisburn Leisureplex 3G 1-2pm. Contact Academy Coordinator Brian Hamill on 07802699030.

Lisburn Rangers Panthers

Determined to make up for last week’s loss, the Panthers started their match against Willowbank very fast, storming towards the Willowbank goal.

Everybody was working well together and the Panthers got some great chances to score.

Half way through the first half of the match a counter attack from Willowbank over ran the Panthers defence line and found the weak point to score the first goal.

The rest of the first half was controlled by the Panthers but the luck was not on their side to score the equalizer.

The second half started with another goal for Willowbank because of a wide open gap in the defence line.

The Panthers were trying too hard to score a goal that they forgot to protect their own goal. But being 2-0 down did not stop the teams enthusiasm.

Only five minutes later Michael Helmcke scored a fantastic goal after an assist from Michael Collim.

The Panthers now took control of the match and left very little ball possession to Willowbank. But again the chances were there but the Panthers did not score. Losing 2-1 against Willowbank was a disappointing result because the Panthers were the better team for most of time of this match.

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