Local players donate boots and footballs to children in Sudan

It’s not just in their own village that Moira FC is making sure young players get the chance to play as much football as they can.

Bishop Wilson Kamani with the Moira FC players and staff.

One of the newest clubs in Northern Ireland is also playing a part in making sure that children some 3,500 miles away, in the world’s newest country get their kicks too.

As part of the Logic youth drop-in centre, which is connected to St John’s Parish in the village, Moira FC has been sending footballs to South Sudan for the last couple of years, with teams from the church taking them out as part of their missionary trips.

And when Bishop Wilson Kamani, from St John’s link Diocese of Ibba, paid a visit he went home with a lot more in his luggage than when he arrived.

Not only was he presented with even more footballs to take back for the football loving children of Ibba, they were also provided with boots collected by the Moira FC players too through the club’s boot exchange programme.

Players from the club’s 2005 and 2006 teams handed over the balls and boots to the Bishop when he included a visit to one of their training sessions during his time in Moira.

“We are very honoured by the generosity of the people and the children of Ibba, who very much enjoy playing football, will enjoy having some new football,” said Bishop Wilson.

“Many times they are playing bare foot, so they will be very pleased to have some boots too.”

*With the new season approaching fast Moira FC is opening up an opportunity for players born from 2001 to 2007 to join the club.

Training for the 2001 and 2002 groups gets under way this weekend, with the others following over the next few weeks.

Anyone interested in joining can contact the club via email at: [email protected]