Coleraine will keep working to a sustainable model - Oran Kearney

Oran Kearney says Coleraine will not deviate from the business model they have in place at The Showgrounds.

The Irish League transfer market has evolved over the last 12 months with several high-profile moves.

But while other clubs have been investing large amounts of cash in new talent, Kearney is adamant the Bannsiders will keep working within a sustainable model.

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“The market has evolved in relation to how you now do business or the ability to do transfer business and also what players you can compete for,” he said ahead of today’s visit of Carrick Rangers.

Coleraine boss Oran Kearney

“Yes, we want to do business and we’ll always try and do business that’s good for the club. But it’s got to fit in the way we do business.

“I think we’ve paid a couple of token gestures for fees over the years to release players in the final six months of their contract. But we’re not a club that pays transfer fees, it’s not within our budget to be able to do that.

“What we can’t do is be dominated by the landscape where you feel you have to work outside the constraints that you have. For us, it’s about staying really disciplined in that as well.

“Yes, it would be nice to bring in a fresh face or two at this point in time, but it’s got to suit the dynamic of the club.

“We never have and never will go and throw transfer fees around for players.

“My budget hasn’t changed for years and I wouldn’t ask for it. I think my budget is correct for a part-time club.

“For us, it’s about every time that we’re able to do something like that it’s about building a future and building an infrastructure for a club in an everchanging league where you make us more sustainable.

“For us, rather than pour that European money into further wages or whatever else, we made the choice to do something for the community and a whole club point of view that has been life changing in relation to the amount of young people that every night of the week get to play at the Showgrounds on the new pitch.

“I’d love to go and spend money, I’d love to go and do that, but we have done really in recent seasons.

“We intend to keep moving that way but we have a model of how we try and do that business.

“We’ve had some really good success stories over the years. Players that maybe had it tough elsewher have come here and flown.

“There’s players out there that we’d be keen on of course but it’s the ability to do that business in a changing landscape just makes it very tough.”