Warrenpoint confirm Alan O’Sullivan transfer talks ‘but there’s no conflict’

Warrenpoint Town manager Barry Gray has revealed official interest from rival clubs in transfer-listed striker Alan O’Sullivan - but insists ‘there’s no conflict’ over the future of the forward.
Alan O'Sullivan (left) on duty for Warrenpoint Town. Pic by Pacemaker.Alan O'Sullivan (left) on duty for Warrenpoint Town. Pic by Pacemaker.
Alan O'Sullivan (left) on duty for Warrenpoint Town. Pic by Pacemaker.

Gray was speaking in the aftermath of a 2-0 win over Portadown in which O’Sullivan was left out of the squad to protect the transfer target from injury.

“Alan and I have had a discussion - there’s no fallout,” said Gray. “There’s been interest that we are discussing between ourselves and the clubs.

“There’s substantial interest from one or two clubs that we cannot compete with and we certainly won’t stand in the way of a player that’s been very good to us.

“I’m not saying we will just open the door but that was part of the reason he wasn’t involved in today’s squad, just on the off-chance that a move does happen and we put him at risk of rolling his ankle or something silly.

“It’s about being professional.

“If something doesn’t happen tonight or tomorrow, he’ll regroup again with us on Monday or Tuesday and things will continue as they were.

“Alan doesn’t want to leave but if he has the opportunity to go to one or two of the clubs who have shown interest then he has to take that seriously...like we have to take that seriously.

“The control’s not on our side, if the parties are serious it could well happen but Alan’s very happy to stay and we’re very happy to keep him, so there’s no issue.

“You don’t want a player who’s been excellent for us as a club to miss an opportunity that we cannot provide.

“Discussions with the clubs interested haven’t got to that stage (players and/or a fee) but, ideally, if Alan’s moving on to something bigger and better we would like to replace him with something that’s better for us.

“I’ve had discussions with a couple of managers who have shown interest before we put him on the transfer list.

“We put him on the transfer list so that we as a club and he as a player could understand is it a chat in passing or an official approach?

“And there have been a couple of official approaches so it has brought it to proper discussions between clubs.

“The player hasn’t been involved in those discussions with the clubs interested yet as we’re not at that stage.

“He’s just keeping focus on what he needs to do for us until something more serious comes from it.

“The best-case scenario for Alan is he gets a move to a top club, that’s perfect for him and an opportunity.

“The downside for me is I lose a striker but we’ve taken attacking players in this window to try and build.

“If we lose Alan, that’s part of the game but, in the same sense, he knows where he stands and we stand, which is good...there’s no conflict whatsoever between me, the club and the player.

“If nothing happens, he’s lost one game today and got a rest.”

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