The Sloan Cup is back home again

It must be around a year ago that all local footballers were alerted to the fact the Sloan Cup had been lost, but it is now back “home”.

Player kicks the ball down field.

The Sloan Cup was donated to the old Lisburn League by the Sloan family and was a popular end-of-season competition, which produced several surprise winners.

Among those surprises was the year when Greenwood won the trophy and there was great delight as Roy Sloan was their manager at the time. It was fitting that it went back to the family home.

But, the fact it had disappeared again was highlighted in the ‘Star’ when no one had records of who last won it in the Lisburn League.

A search was also mounted in the South Antrim League, but to no avail and Roy Sloan had almost given up hope when the trophy was found.

It was tucked away in a back store at Ironside Trophies, but no one knows how it got there and it was badly marked with coating coming off.

The South Antrim League were given an option to take the Cup, but they have several trophies and when they queried the cost of repairs it was found this was way out of reach.

Roy Sloan has now stepped in to take the Cup home and he plans to have it repaired before giving it a prominent place in his home.

Roy is almost as delighted as the occasion when Greenwood brought home the Sloan Cup for a year.