Thompson steps down at Welly Rec

KENNY Thompson has stepped down as joint-manager of Division 1A side Wellington Rec, leaving Ciaran Kelly in sole charge, writes Alan Hall.

Kelly will now be assisted now by one-time Larne manager Sammy Workman, with the long serving Ellis Cahoon also lending a hand.

A former Carrick Rangers striker, Kenny has been around the Millbrook club for a few years serving as coach, before taking over as manager after the resignation of Tommy Leeman earlier this year.

“I was on the club committee and after Tommy left we thought bringing in another outsider wasn’t the best idea,” Thompson told the Times. “It would be better having some stability. We did alright and then we rebuilt during the summer bringing ‘CK’ (Ciaran Kelly) in as joint-manager. In my opinion, we did it right. I’m happy enough with the way things are going. We’ve now got a half-decent squad of mostly Larne-based players, and I think we’re getting hard to beat!”

Thompson explained his decision to quit the role: “I’ve been busier and busier at work. While I can still get away on Saturdays, it’s Tuesday and Thursday nights for training that are the problem.

“Now that I’m happy enough we’ve got a half-decent squad, I can take a step back. I’m going back onto the committee and will work for the club in that way. Hopefully, I’ll still be at most of the matches on Saturdays.”