Fountain overflowing as three team-mates hit 180s

THE treble 20 segment of the Fountain Bar dartboard took a bit of a pounding on Friday night.

No fewer than three members of the Fountain Bar team hit 180s in their Division Two clash against Ladysmith Arrows.

In total, no fewer than seven players hit ‘maximums’ in a high quality evening of Ballymena, Harryville & District Darts League action on Friday night.

The best individuals legs of the week were 18-darts from Ian Rainey and Mike Stubbs, followed by: 19s Ashley Rainey, Steven Rock, Dean Kerr, Davy Gage, 20s Rodney McAleese, Ryan Gault, Mike Stubbs, Derek Campbell, Gabriel Kerr, Davy Gage, John Bell, 21s Ian Millar, Rodney McAleese, John Robinson, Fred McDowell, Billy McDowell, Gary Dempster, Rodney Cubitt.

Ian Millar (Slemish) had the week’s best finish with a 116 checkout, followed by: 112 Fred McDowell & 90 (Ladysmith), 100 Mervyn Gage (Clough), 76 George Barr (Fairhill).

Jack Russell, Brian Hannaway, Jonny Russell (Fountain Bar), Darnell McCrory (Drifters), Ian Rainey (Fairhill), Dean Kerr (Greenhills and Samuel Balmer (Social) all hit 180s.


Fairhill Bar 5, BT/PO Club 3: Fairhill - George Barr 2-0, Ashley Rainey 2-0, Steven Rock 2-0, Rodney McAleese 2-1, John Robinson 2-0; BT - Tam Jamison 2-1, Mike Stubbs 2-1 & Geoff McIlveen 2-1.

Ladysmith 5, Greenhils Bar 3: Ladysmith - Alan Bamford 2-1, Fred McDowell 2-0, Jason Mooney 2-1, Noel Craig 2-1 & Gary Dempster 2-0; Greenhills - Gabriel Kerr 2-1, Steven McIlroy 2-0, & Laim Quinn 2-0.

Slemish Tavern 2, Drifters 6: Slemish - Cameron Horner 2-0, Ian Millar 2-1; Drifters - Darnell McCrory 2-1, Geoff Wylie 2-0, Brian Elder 2-0, John Elder 2-0, Davy Martin 2-0 & Rodney White 2-0.

Clough Rangers 6, Diamond Bar 2: Clough - Mervyn Gage 2-0, Willie McBurney 2-1, Davy Gage 2-0, Roy Gilchrist 2-0, Steven Gage 2-0 & Jimmy Finlay 2-0; Diamond - Derek Connor & Rodney Cubitt 2-0.


Fountain Bar 7, Ladysmith Arrows 1: Fountain - Alan Mills 2-0, Sean Hannaway 2-1, George Foster 2-0, Jack Russell 2-0, Brian Hannaway 2-0, Willie Russell 2-0 & Jonny Russell 2-0; Arrows – Irene Lowry.

Michelin Club 5, Social Club 3: Michelin - Alan Penny 2-1, Bobby Carson 2-0, Brian Hanna 2-0, Harry Eagleson 2-1, Clifford Marcus 2-0; Social - Joe Balmer 2-0, George Aicken 2-0 & Rodney Thompson 2-0.

Buffs Club 2, Fountain Arrows 6: Buffs - Paul Henson 2-0 & Stevie Trainor 2-1; Arrows - James Kennedy 2-1, Jonny Douglas 2-1, Robert Beggs 2-0, Jimmy Murphy 2-0, Daniel Thompson 2-0 & Morris McIlvenna 2-0.

Social Staffies 4, Ballee 4: Staffies - Tommy O’Neill 2-0, Clive Douglas 2-0, John Bell 2-0 & Sloan Gibson 2-0; Ballee - Sammy Lowry 2-1, Darren Hillis 2-0, Shane Hillis 2-1 & Leon McDowell 2-0.


The league’s three-a-side competition will be held this Friday evening, November 30, in the Social Club, registration from 8pm.


Sandra Gilmore lost her darts at the Blind Pairs held in the Social Club recently - if anyone knows of their whereabouts contact Secretary Davy Wilson.

The Secretary has a set of darts with black and white union jack dimplex fights will be brought to 3 A Sides on Friday.


A charity darts competition, in aid of Laurelhill Cancer Unit, will be held in the Central Arms, Cullybackey, on Saturday, December 8.

Enry fee is £3 and there is £100 of prize money up for grabs. Registration is from 1pm for a 2pm start – contact Dessie at the Central Arms for more information.


The next meeting of the BHDDL will be held on Monday, December 3, at 8.25pm in the Social Club.