Glendermott CC finish with win

DESPITE Glendermott CC already being crowned champions, the Waterside Ladies Darts league continued last week with Ladybirds, Glen Ladies, Campbells/Ro, Glendermott CC and Wanderers all having wins over Bees, Oval, Glen House, Upstairs and W Gees respectively.

Scores over 100 were Berine Doherty 132, Tracy McCaffery 140, Jacquie McCaffery 125, Angie McGarrigle 116, Amanda McFaul 100, Louann McFaul 100, Debbie Arthur 100, Caroline Olphert 121, 100, Mary McGill 100, 100.

With the league now finished the highest score was Claire Neely with 174, Highest finish was Berine Dogherty’s 112 and most 100’s was Carol Olphert who fired an amazing 21 100’s over the course of the season.

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