Golf remained in full swing over New Year

HERE is a round up of the sweep results for the tail end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013.

SUNDAY 16TH SDECEMBER - Eugene Weir is a wonderful golfer and a fierce competitor. It’s hard to believe that it took him to the second last week of the year to win his first Sunday Sweep.

John Poots had a rewarding day. He took third prize and shared the 2’s pot 50/50 with Paul Wylie.

1st- Eugene Weir (5) Nett 30.5.

2nd- Bertie Shaw (21) Nett 32.

3rd- John Poots (17) Nett 32.5.

SUNDAY 23RD DECEMBER - There was no sweep on Monday, Thursday or Saturday during this week due to the incessant rain.

There was an opportunity to play on Sunday and a lot of golfers made the most of it.

And, would you believe it, Cathal McNiff became the 37th different winner of this particular sweep. Isn’t that amazing?

1st- Cathal McNiff (13) Nett 31.5.

2nd- Philip Strong (20) Nett 32.

WEDNESDAY 26TH DECEMBER - The weather wasn’t good for the Boxing Day Sweep. The number of players was well below average.

Ashton Clydesdale returned the best scorecard and Neville Kerr hit the best shot of the day.

Neville’s iron shot at the 8th went straight into the hole for an ace. This was only the 5th hole in one in competitive play in 2012. The others came from Gareth Magee (10th March), Paul McAleavey (14th July), Michael Robinson (1st September) and Shane Rooney (1st September).

1st- Ashton Clydesdale (26) 32 points.

2nd- Cathal O’Neill (11) 32 points.

3rd- Joe Glass (15) 31 points.

THURSDAY 27TH DECEMBER - Bertie Shaw, along with his good friend Gerry Blevins, has been enjoying a nice little run of good form recently. It was Bertie’s turn to win this one and he did so in some style, finishing three shots clear of his nearest rival.

1st- Bertie Shaw (21) 33 points.

2nd- Dougie Stevenson (15) 30 points.

SATURDAY 29TH DECEMBER - The three principle prizewinners in this 12 holes sweep were Shane Bell, Joe Glass and Richard Coburn. Now everyone knows Shane and Joe but not so many are familiar with Richard.

He is a relatively new member of the golf club but he is obviously one to watch out for. He has taken his introduction to the game of golf very seriously, having a series of lessons from the professional, Jason Greenaway. There is no better way to learn the rudiments of the game.

Richard has learnt well and this high section win was his third win in a row. Remember the name of Richard Coburn. He is a good bet for a major win in 2013.


1st- Shane Bell (6) 28 points.

2nd- Kerry McCluskey (10) 24 points.

SECTION 11-17.

1st- Joe Glass (15) 34 points.

2nd- Colin Dodds (14) 30 points.


1st- Richard Coburn (21) 30 points.

2nd- Gerry Blevins (20) 29 points.


What a year this has been for John Poots! He has played well throughout the season, winning twice, being runner-up five times and third five times. He’s a super star, that’s for sure.

Eamon McAnarney lifted the entire 2’s pot and that pleased him immensily.

1st- John Poots (17) Nett 30.5.

2nd- Eamon Galloway (20) Nett 30.5.


Merton McDowell has the distinction of winning the first sweep of the New Year. And he won it with 7 shots to spare. 2012 was a great year for Merton and 2013 could be even better.

It was a good day for the McDowell clan.

John McDowell scooped up the 2’s pot all by himself. A nice little start to the New Year for John.

1st- Merton McDowell (21) 23 points.

2nd- Robert Canning (18) 16 points.


This was the first Saturday Sweep of the New Year and the enthusiasm was running high. The course had dried out remarkably well and that was a major plus.

The three top men were Shane Rooney, Brian Boyd and Kenny Jones. They have got their season off to a winning start.


1st- Shane Rooney (8) 28 points.

2nd- Philip Mallon (9) 28 points.

SECTION 10-17.

1st- Brian Boyd (15) 33 points.

2nd- Walter Smyth (13) 31 points.


1st- Kenny Jones (18) 31 points.

2nd- Aidan Lavery (18) 30 points.