Ladies find the scoring conditions tough

WITH the season drawing towards a close, the lady members of Banbridge Golf Club continue to find the conditions at the club very difficult and once again high scoring was the order of the day on Tuesday in an 18 hole competition which this year was sponsored by Walkers.

Prize winners on the day were: Section A winner - Ann-Marie Canavan; Runner up - Anne Mairs.

Section B winner - Megan Whan; Runner up - Liz Ramsey

As befitting the conditions CSS on the day once again went out to 72 meaning it was Reduction Only which will have come as a great relief to all the ladies.

Despite all two ladies did score a two – Mary Dooher and Vivian Faulkner.

The ladies branch would like to thank Jonto Walker and Walkers Shop for their very generous sponsorship to the ladies branch and for the lovely prizes which they presented which will be very useful to the winners.

Ladies are requested to keep an eye on the noticeboards in the Locker Rooms for events and competitions over the next few weeks – most notably is the Autumn League the draw for which will take place in the near future.

Last Friday was the annual Horseshoe, a very highly competitive match played between the men’s and ladies branch and organised by the Presidents of each branch.

Despite a valiant effort by the ladies - and obeying team orders - they felt this year it was only but fair that they would allow the men to win!

Congratulations to Mr President and his ‘team’, a most enjoyable evening was had by all who took part. The ladies would like to wish Mr President John Parkes a successful day on Saturday on his President’s Day

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