Love golf, then you’ll love your own personal caddy!

The new golf app.The new golf app.
The new golf app.
Unique and inventive, designed specifically for golf, taking its very own particular place in the iPhone ‘App’ market, and teeing up a superb new easy-to-use technological aid for players of every age and ability is

Taking its much-anticipated bow, with a remarkable collaboration between two established Northern Ireland companies with state-of-the-art reputations built on their cutting edge use of technology, is proud to announce the release of your very own personal pocket caddy.

It’s at the touch of a button on your iPhone, and is available to its potentially huge audience on ITunes Now.

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For the launch of what is intended to be an iconic ‘App’ localgolfcaddy is delighted to reveal that the magnificent Lough Erne Golf Resort Championship course in Fermanagh is the first course in Ireland to be featured, the Resort being an enthusiastic, far-sighted partner in embracing this new, highly ‘mobile’ aide.

Even as the leaders of the world’s richest countries – the G8 – were about to descend on this spectacular landscape in early summer Lynn McCool, the Resort’s distinguished and enthusiastic Director of Golf, was determined that the course of which she is so rightly proud would break new ground with an ‘App’ which only adds to her Faldo Course’s already global celebrity.

With high resolution digital images, course information, video tips from former touring ‘pro’ herself Lynn, the localgolfcaddy ‘App’ is a must for the visitor and local alike!

Select any hole on this sensational, spectacular Faldo Championship course and receive Lynn’s ‘Hot Tips’ on how it can and should be played. With a mixture of video, audio and interactive detailed maps, distances are instantly available, and on every hole, and on every potential shot, there’s professional advice at your fingertip.

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And an important element of is its comprehensive links to the Lough Erne Resort’s own website: there are the news and features, the many value-for-money offers, and irresistible deals to ‘stay and play’ at the five-star Lough Erne Resort Hotel.

The arrival of localgolfcaddy is the brainchild of Goldsmith Broadcast, developed in association with Elucidate consultancy, with funding provided by Arts Council of Northern Ireland through DCAL (Dept. of Leisure, Arts and Culture) and its Creative Industries Innovation Fund, which believed in the idea and potential of as a tool for helping golfers, but also as an instrument to promote Northern Ireland and Irish tourism.

Noirin McKinney, Director of Arts Development at the Arts Council said: “The localgolfcaddy ‘App’ is an excellent example of how CIIF funding has enabled a Northern Ireland company to invest in state of the art technology to produce and bring to market, a highly innovative and unique app which is sure to be popular amongst golfers. 

“The ‘App’ will not only serve as an aide to keen golfers, potentially globally, but will also serve as a promotional tourism tool in positioning Northern Ireland as an attractive destination to visit.” 

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Lynn McCool said that “Through your ‘App’,, you will be able to reach a global audience, and with world leaders recently visiting the Resort for the G8 summit in June 2013, this is a most timely, effective and useful tool for the Faldo Course.

“We, at the Lough Erne Golf Resort, can’t recommend it highly enough”, and she added she’s hoping to develop links further with details of the other golfing facilities on site on the lapping shores of Lower Lough Erne.

David Goldsmith of Goldsmith Broadcast, said: “This is a thrilling new departure for us, combining broadcast video production with ‘App’ technology, an innovative way to move forward.

“It demonstrates that collaboration in the very latest technology at a local level here in Northern Ireland - with our highly-regarded partners at Elucidate - is at once positive, rewarding, and new.

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“Golf clubs everywhere have shown such interest in the ‘App’, and in its comprehensive detail and unrivalled graphics and interactivity.

“They have already acknowledged the benefits of this breakthrough iPhone ‘App’ for their clients, and we intend rapidly adding to the portfolio of courses available”, said David, who’s established a distinguished domestic and international reputation as a news and sports cameraman, editor and who has been an innovative presence in the video production marketplace for over 20 years.

Europe’s most successful player, and six times a ‘Major’ winner; Sir Nick Faldo designed the superlative Championship course at Lough Erne which bears his totemic name.

Damien Maddalena, managing director of the vibrant Elucidate company which has brought to the brand a new standard in graphics and electronic technology, was equally excited about what has proved a challenging and satisfying project.