Mervyn ‘banks’ on narrow success at Galgorm Castle

In the Bank of Ireland sponsored event at Galgorm Castle, Mervyn Foster (18) was one point ahead of 17-handicapper James McClintock.

Jan Young (Branch Manager) and Mandy Boyd (Business Advisor), of Bank of Ireland, are pictured presenting sponsorship to Keith Dinsmore, captain of Galgorm Castle Golf Club. INBT18-202AC

They were followed by David Chappell (16), Jamie Surgeoner (16) and Terence Martin (17) a further two points behind.

Peter Connon was another two points behind with Cecil McAleese (23) a futher three points adrift. Through the Maple Foster had a commanding four point advantage over Chappell (‘ding’ at twelve) who was one point ahead of McClintock and a much improved McAleese.

Surgeoner and Martin were another point away, a point ahead of Connon (‘ding’ at the Fort). Approaching two out Foster (‘ding’ at fourteen) was still ahead by three points from Chappell and an improving Martin. Close on their heels, a point away, came McAleese, Connon, McClintock (‘ding’ at the Grove( and Surgeoner.

Although the field closed up on Foster over the closing holes he managed to hold on with a double bogey, bogey finish to win Overall by one point from C.McAleese (par, bogey) in the Runner-up placing.

Another point behind came Connon (par, bogey), Chappell (par, double bogey) and James McClintock (bogey, par) and with a better back nine Connon won Division 3. Chappell with a better back nine took second place with James McClintock third.

In Division 1 at the turn Sean McCormick (5) was leading by two points from Graham Martin (7) and Mark Hamilton (8). Willie Park (9) and Alan Goodrich (2) were two and three points respectively further behind. McCormick moved further ahead over the next four holes to lead by five points from Hamilton.

Park was another point behind with Martin (‘ding’ at the Fort) and Goodrich a further point away. After a run of two bogeys and a ‘ding’ up the Grove McCormick’s lead was reduced to two points by Park (par, bogey, par). Hamilton anf Goodrich were a further point behind.

McCormick recovered and came home bogey, par to win by three points from Goodrich (two pars), Park (par, ‘ding’), Hamilton (par, bogey) and G.Martin (bogey, birdie) who all finished together.

Goodrich with a better back nine won the Gross. Park with a better back nine took second place in the Division with G.Martin (better back six) taking third place.

At halfway in Division 2 Thomas McNeill (11) was two points ahead of Andrew Moore (15) who in turn was two and three points ahead of Michael Adams (14) and Emil Wylie (14) respectively. McNeill was still leading through the Maple with his lead reduced to one point by Moore who was two points ahead of Adams and Wylie.

A close finish was in the offing with two to play with McNeill (‘ding’ at Beechers), Moore (‘ding’ at Beechers) and Adams a point ahead of Wylie.

McNeill (bogey, ‘ding’) and Adams (bogey, ‘ding’) finished together and with a better back nine Adams claimed first place with McNeill second.

A point behind came Wylie (bogey, ‘ding’) and Moore (‘ding’, double bogey) and with a better back nine third place went to Wylie.

James McKay (28) started the homeward half in Division 4 three points clear of Ronnie Gilchrist (21). Jack Douglas (20) and Ian Stewart (21) were a further three points behind.

Through thirteen McKay was two points ahead of Gilchrist who was being hard pushed by Stewart a point behind. Douglas was three further points down.

With two holes to play the leadership had changed in favour of Gilchrist who was leading by one point from McKay (‘ding’ at Beechers). Stewart (‘ding’ at Beechers) and Douglas were another two and four points respectively behind.

Gilchrist finished with two double bogeys and was joined by McKay (triple bogey, bogey) and with a better back nine Gilchrist held on to win with McKay in second.

Stewart (two bogeys) was a point behind and won the Seniors leaving Douglas (bogey, par) in third.