Top marks for Martin and his pro bid

Turning 50 proved the turning point for Lurgan Golf Club member Martin Drain to eventually follow his dream of being a golf professional.
Martin Drain, left, who has turned pro at 50.Martin Drain, left, who has turned pro at 50.
Martin Drain, left, who has turned pro at 50.

It was hard work as there was a high standard he had to reach like reducing his handicap, passing a play ability test and finding a position under another PGA pro.

Martin persevered with a lot of dedication and hard work along with the studies being quite arduous and he has just been awarded the PGA Assistant of the year. This award is for the assistant who does best in both end of year exams and assignments throughout Ireland.

Martin was amazed to find out that he topped the list in Ireland.

A very proud but humble Martin would like to mention the unbelievable support he received from all the members at Lurgan Golf Club especially the help and support he has got from our PGA Professional Peter Hanna and council.

Everyone at Lurgan would like to congratulate Martin and wish him well in his future as a golf Professional.

Ladies March Medal

Due to a very wet Friday morning, and no dates left in March to reschedule to, only two ladies took part in the March medal.

These hardy ladies were Fiona and Maeve Cummins. We would love to be able to report that a titanic struggle took place between mother and daughter for this mighty prize but unfortunately Fiona was unable to match Maeve’s sparkling golf .

Maeve showed no mercy, even with Mothers Day looming and returned a very credible nett 70 in difficult conditions and on a long, wet, course.

Well done to Maeve for securing her prize and we all hope she makes it up to her mother my spoiling her last Sunday.

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