Goodwin is planning high-scoring season

Belfast Giants’ American centreman David Goodwin says it is great to be back putting the puck in the back of the opposition’s net.

Belfast Giant David Goodwin says his line is keen to push the game to the opposing team. Picture: William Cherry/Presseye

Last weekend Goodwin scored twice against the Dundee Stars and added a third goal when the Giants visited the Fife Flyers in Kirkcaldy. He also picked up two assists against Dundee.

“I had been feeling confident all weekend and I am fortunate enough to be playing with a great linemates in Scott Conway and J J Piccinich. We have some excellent chemistry going on all weekend.”

Goodwin adds that its so important for a line to have good cohesion and chemistry.

“It’s a great line to be on. The three of us bring three different elements to the line and I think that’s why we have been successful. Scott Conway and I played together at Penn State so we definitely chemistry from those days.

“And then J J has a very elite shot and so we work hard to get him the puck and advantageous situations.

“But most importantly the three of us are hard working players and we try to do things the right way and usually that bring success.”

Goodwin says his line is keen to push the game to the opposing team.

“We like to play very aggressively and get the puck in on the forecheck. We want to get to the net and play simply as well. We have found following that combination bears good fruit.”

This is Goodwin’s second spell with the Giants and the decision to return was not a difficult one.

In his first season with the Giants the St Louis, Missouri, centreman wasted no time in amassing 29 points (15 goals, 14 assists) in just 32 games played.

“Coming back to the Giants felt very comfortable to me. I really like the city of Belfast and the Giants organisation as a whole, they treat their players very well. So I would not say it was difficult to make that decision. I wanted to come for a full season and thankfully they wanted me as well.”

He believes that he has a point to proof and that’s why he is back and he is eager to add to his points tally in the Teal.

He says: “I am planning on exceeding my goals and points total as a Giant this season.”