Grammar storm to 49-0 victory

Carrickfergus Grammar School stormed to a comprehensive 49-0 win over Antrim Grammar on Saturday.

Carrick began the game on the back foot and they were camped in their own half, fending off attack after attack from the imposing Antrim back line. After a period of hard tackling and stubborn defence, Kris Berry managed to steal possession and make a breathtaking run into the Antrim half to score the opening try.

Carrick took control of the game and landed further tries from Christian Robinson and captain, Joel Bell. They carried the lead into the break.

With confidence high and increased pressure on the Antrim defence, number eight Robert O’Callaghan ran home Carrick’s fourth try of the match. Antrim heads began to drop and Carrick took full advantage, increasing their lead with three tries from Adam Fittis, Robinson and Karl McClean.

And it didn’t stop there! Antrim were punished again when scores from Kris Berry and O’Callaghan capped a resounding victory.

Carrick Grammar: 1. Michael Smylie, 2. Jonathan Nelson, 3.Joel Bell, 4. Harry Gordon, 5.Adam Urquhart, 6.John Campbell, 7. Kris Berry, 8. Robert O’Callaghan, 9. Michael Black, 10. Adam Fittis, 11. Ryan Dillon, 12. Reece Berry, 13. Christian Robinson, 14. Karl McClean, 15. Kealan Gilpin.