Halfway Aces take the honours in tight contest

Park Inn 3

Halfway Aces 5

IN this top of the table clash where neither team could afford to drop points - it was always going to be a tough match.

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At the end of the singles it was level at 3-3 but the visitors came out on top in a close contested pairs game.

The first game saw Nigel Kerr and Dylan Woolsey at the oche. This paired the leading throwers from both teams and Nigel and Dylan were going into this game with only one defeat from 11 games.

Something had to give and it was Dylan (100) who took the lead when Nigel missed double 10 and in leg two Dylan (100, 100) was in the lead and on 28 when Nigel (100) came down for a 54 finish

The deciding leg was close, Nigel (95, 97, 140) getting a shot at the double first only to see Dylan (140, 95) check out on tops for game.

Game two and Noel Gates and Nipper Boyce were at the butts. Noel (121, 140) piped Nipper (100, 100) when both were on double 10 and steady darts in leg two saw Noel (125, 100, 99) take the lead. A double eight gave him his 10th win from 11 games to tie with team mate Nigel.

Andrew Douglas found himself trailing on 64 when Brian Reid (95) took the lead. Brian’s (121) missed chances let Andrew in to level and a confident Andrew (95, 100, 135) found his wind and after good scores with double 10 Brian was left on 115.

The home team were in a 2-1 lead and called for game four was Lindsay McFadden and Aces captain Neville Reid. Lindsay (95,117) took the lead with Neville (100, 95)stuck on five to do.

In the next leg it was Lindsay’s (95, 100, 135) turn for double trouble when on 10 and tops levelled for Neville (140, 118).

The deciding leg saw Lindsay lose his form and Neville (140, 118) up his game to finish on 17 darts and leave Lindsay needing 255.

After the break the visitors took the lead. Roy Livingston (140), after losing the dog house battle with Davy Wallace, came back to level the legs against an unlucky Davy who was on eight and in a close deciding leg Roy finished on 36.

Back came the Park in the last singles game. Gareth Chambers (140, 100) finished leg one on 20 darts against Ronnie Herdman who was left on 174. Ronnie (100) levelled in leg two but Gareth (140, 100) kept his team in the game with a tops and left Ronnie (100) needing 94.

PAIRS – These were both close games and it was the joint leading Aces who came home with full points. Noel Gates (140/140) and Gareth Chambers (100/100/100) lost 2-1 to Dylan Woolsey (100) and Nipper Boyce (100) while Andy Douglas and Lindsay McFadden (140/140) lost 2-1 to Neville Reid (140/140) and Ronnie Herdman (98, 95/100).

Castle Bar 7

Top of the Town 1

Castle Bar played host to Top of the Town but the score gives the wrong impression. Town could have had a few more games on the board but for poor finishing.

Paul Ritchie (95, 100, 100) took the lead over Jason Hamill on 21 darts but Jason (95) was level in the next leg when Paul (137, 100) missed double five. It looked like Jason (100, 95) was on his way for the win taking the lead but double trouble let Paul down for a 54 finish to win.

Game two was a double trouble game for both Shane Haffey (95, 127) and Chris Dillon (98) who was left on seven. Leg two was similar, Chris was on 23 when Shane (120) gave his team a 2-0 lead with double one.

Vince Conlon (100, 100), who was missing last week, gave the Castle a 3-0 lead when he beat David Hanna (95) 2-1, winning the deciding leg with a 100 check out.

At the break it was 4-0. Lee King (100), with a 58 finish, left Billy Lecky (100, 100) going in next time for his double and a double 16 from Lee (100, 100) saw Billy (125, 98) have no luck at the tops.

Greg Harper (3x100) made sure of the points in game five. It was close in leg one against Steven Weir but a quick finish next leg when on 63 left Steven off the double.

Town Captain David Weir was left on 120 when Cliff Ritchie (100, 95) took the lead but a good 65 finish levelled for David (100) with Cliff (100, 100) needing 96. David (95) went on to open Town’s score with a tops.

PAIRS – The remaining pairs games went to Castle. G McGuiness and another beat Jason Hamill and David Weir 2-1 and Greg Harper and Lee King beat Steven Weir and Billy Leckey 2-0.

Red Star 4

Young Guns 4

This was a good point for the Star who have been struggling of late against Young Guns. This point loss has put a dent in Guns chances of taking the championship.

Ian Redmond (95) has been out of form lately and was left on 135 and 94 when Richard McKee (140, 138) finished on a 19 and a 21 darter.

Skippy Clingham, who has been pushed by his team mates to mention his wedding date, came from behind to lead John McKee (160). It was nice to see Skippy (121,140) back to winning ways, hitting double four when John (100) missed double 10.

The Guns regained their lead when Mark Gracey, after trailing to Maurice Orr (95), had a good 15 darter in the deciding leg. Mark (174, 139) checked out on 96.

Game four saw the top match of the night. Alan McKnight and David Wilton were at the oche. Alan (98, 100) was left on 72 when David (115, 122) took the lead on 21 darts, then it was double trouble in leg two. David (100) was on four when Alan (100, 100) had to depend on double one to level.

It was quick finishing in the deciding leg. David (100) left himself on 72 only to see Alan (100) level the teams at the break with a treble 18, double 18 finish.

Candy Toman (100, 123) was having double trouble and a double one gave him the lead over Michael Kennedy (95). Candy finished on eight for a 2-0 win and gave the Star the lead for the first time.

Guns captain Gareth Moody (108) had the team’s level going into the pairs. Eight and 40 finishes beat Martin Conlon 2-0.

PAIRS – Young Guns needed these two games to stay in the Championship hunt. They got a good start when John McKee and David Wilton (100) beat Maurice Orr (97) and Skippy 2-0 but after taking the lead in the last pairs game Richard McKee (158/100) and Mark Gracey (180/140) lost 2-1 to Candy Toman (140,97) and Alan McKnight (121/100, 120/98)

Halfway House 8

McGrath’s 0

This was a bad day at the office for McGrath’s when they made the visit to Halfway House and returned with not a win on the score sheet. Again finishing was to blame.

Jim Brown (100) beat Chris Malcomson 2-0 and Alan Cochrane (98, 140) got back to winning ways with a 2-0 victory over John Mooney.

Game three paired Tom Alderdice (140) and Ivan Waddell (100, 126) who failed to make the double in either leg, giving Tom his sixth win of the season.

At the break it was 4-0 to Halfway. Derek Reid took advantage of Tom Black’s (100, 125) poor finishing in leg one. Tom (99), after steady darts, levelled again as his doubles let him down when it mattered in the deciding leg and Derek (100,96) finished on 16

After the break Raymond Williamson (100,96) with 32 left Ronnie Malcomson (96) a long way behind. Double 16 made it 2-0 for Raymond (140, 140, 96).

At the end of the singles the home team were in a 6-0 lead. Tony McKinstry (140, 140) took the lead with 63 against Marty McQuaid (95, 100). Marty (95, 123) was given chances to level the legs before Tony (100) made it 2-0.

PAIRS – Tom Alderdice (140/121) and Willie Herdman beat Marty McQuaid (100) and Tom Black 2-1 and Tony McKinstry and Alan Cochrane beat Ronnie Malcomson and Ivan Waddell 2-1.

Kevin’s 6

Higgins 2

Kevin’s maintained there top position with this comfortable win over visiting Higgins, but the game went into the pairs before a result was gained.

Nigel Peden and Midge (the Lucozade Kid) Hylands were first to the butts. This was another big scalp for Midge and the first defeat for Nigel (140) who was left on 215 when Midge (140, 140) took the lead on 18 darts.

Leg two was much closer, Nigel (140, 100) looking 16 when Midge (100) finished on 36.

Steven Banks (100) levelled the teams, beating Damien Savage 2-0 and Paul Dillon (100, 100) gave Kevin’s the lead for the first time, beating Eamon Savage (100) 2-0.

At the break the home team were in a 3-1 lead. A double four by Andy McComb (136, 95) left Billy Bell on 51 and he was a long way back when Andy made it 2-0.

Gary Gracey (100, 97) pulled one back for Higgins, a 32 finish gave him the lead over John Broome (100) who missed double six but good darts and a 32 levelled for John (100, 116) and left Gary looking 167.

The deciding leg saw Gary (125, 100) get back into the game with steady darts and leave John needing 143 when he finished.

In the last of the singles Neville Reid found himself trailing on 117 when opponent Mark Foulks (100) took the lead but Neville (96) hit back with 180 to level. A 60 finish in leg three gave his team a 4-2 lead and his fifth win including a walk over.

PAIRS – Nigel Peden and John Broome beat Midge Hylands and Mark Foulks 2-0 and Paul Dillon and Andy McComb made the score 6-2, beating Damien Savage and Gary Gracey 2-0.

Fixtures for Thursday February 4 - Top of the Town v Young Guns, Castle Bar v Park Inn, Kevin’s v McGrath’s, Higgins v Red Star B Halfway House v Halfway Aces. Red Star A - bye.