High five for Ballylumford

Larne Ladies’ Darts League: Ballylumford retained the five-a-side trophy for another year, beating St John’s 3-2 in the final.

They defeated No. 1 Eagles ‘A’ 3 - 2 in the last four, with St John’s seeing off Thatch Ladies 3-1 in the other semi-final match.

Eight teams took part in the competition which took place in the Ballylumford Club.


No. 1 Eagles B 2 (M. Penney, N. Roberts) v St John’s 3 (V. McDonnell, B. Allen, J. Montgomery); Thatch 3 (B. Barr, D. McIlhatton, L. Rea) v United 2 (J. Gillespie, T. Anderson-Pue); No. 1 Eagles ‘A’ 3 (E. Woods, J. Graham, L. Swann) v Legion Ladies 0; Ballylumford 3 (M. McIlroy, R. Maguire, J. Hyslop) v No. 1 Ladies 1 (M. Hodge).

Semi-finals: St John’s 3 (B. Allen, J. Montgomery, V. McDonnell) v Thatch 1 (L. Rea); No. 1 Eagles ‘A’ 2 (J. Graham, L. Swann) v Ballylumford 3 (J. Hyslop, M. McIlroy, J. White).

Final: St John’s 2 (R. Allen, B. Allen) v Ballylumford 3 (J. Hyslop, J. White, M. McIlroy).

Fixtures (Nov. 25): No. 1 Ladies v St John’s; Legion Ladies v Thatch; St Comgall’s v No. 1 Eagles; Fleet Ladies v Legion Wings; Ballylumford v Rangers. Bye: United

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