Hilden take six points

Hilden 96 (6) NICS 80 (1)

Hilden collected six points from a 16 shots home win over NICS in Private Greens Division 2.

Down 6-8 at the tenth Keith Morrison pulled back to 10-10 at 15 ends and went on to win by two shots even though dropping three, two at the final two ends.

Down 5-13 at the tenth Raymond Gourley could not get to grips with the game and lost by 15 shots.

After picking up two fours Howard McMullan was 14-10 ahead at the tenth and Hilden were never behind when winning by nine shots.

At the tenth Colin Montgomery was 13-2 ahead and 17-8 at 15 ends and he went on to win by five shots.

M. Smyth, A. Morrison, D. Sloan, K. Morrison 17, S. Hegan 15; J. Williams, P. Harvey, T. Gray, R. Gourley 16, A. Montgomery 31; A. Carlisle, E. Marsden, J. Liggett, H. McMullan 28, B. Jess 19; M. McQuillan, D. Ferguson, R. Keag, C. Montgomery 20, B. Leonard 15.

Hilden win by three shots

Hilden travelled to Castleton on Tuesday night in a re-arranged Private Greens Division 2 match and came away with five points from a three shots win.

Jonathan McMullan led the way for Hilden with an eight shots win and Keith Morrison was not far behind with a seven shots success.

In a very competitive match Raymond Gourley went down by a shot and Colin Montgomery lost by 11 shots.

Max makes a difference

Belmont D 73 (1) Hilden B 87 (6)

Max McClean’s win by 13 shots made all the difference when Hilden B took six points from a 14 shots away win over Belmont D in Private Greens Division 5.

McClean was the top winner and Drew Harron got home by a shot, while both Robin Campbell and Hugh Murray tied their games.

D. May 19, E. Finlay, I. Harrison, D. Dawson, R. Campbell 19; J. Dobbs 22, B. Garrett, L. Finlay, C. Morrison, H. Murray 22; W. Davidson 16, B. Greenan, N. Falvey, J. Jordan, M. McClean 29; R. Simms 16, A. Harron, P. Logan, N. Mawhinney, D. Harron 17.

Hilden B 84 (7) Albert Foundry 45 (0)

Hilden B were easy winners at home to Albert Foundry in Private Greens Division 5, beating Albert Foundry by 39 shots and taking all seven points.

The biggest wins went to Robin Campbell and Hugh Murray with narrow success for John Jordan and Drew Harron.

P. Logan, N. Falvey, B. Greenan, J. Jordan 17, J. Stevenson 15; A. Miskelly, L. Finlay, C. Morrison, H. Murray 24, J. Matchett 7; A. Harron, M. Langston, N. Mawhinney, D. Harron 17, R. Nevin 16; E. Finlay, I. Harrison, D. Dawson, R. Campbell 26, D. Miller 7.