Hilden three topple top triple but club exit Cup

The Knock triple of Carolyn Eadie, Karen Woodside and Sandra Bailie have won the Private Greens Women’s triples and also the National title, so it was supposed to be an easy success this time in the second round.

Taking part in Saturday's match between Hilden and Divis, at Hilden Bowling Club. US1324-508cd

Standing in their way were the Hilden triple, Joan Montgomery, Deirdre Mairs and Janet Bell, but the Hilden representatives had other ideas and they caused a real upset.

This was one of the top surprises for many years in Private Greens circles and it was a magnificent performance by the Hilden three.


Hilden are out of the IBA Senior Cup, but they went down fighting before losing by six shots at home to Divis in the third round.

Divis went ahead early on but Hilden came back to take the lead at one stage. However, in the end it was Divis who squeezed through by six shots. Down 6-9 at the tenth Stephen Kirkwood lifted a three and was level 10-10 at 13 ends but 10-17 down at 15 ends before losing by eight shots. Two threes helped Jonathan McMullan to a 10-7 lead at the tenth and 16-11 at 15 ends. Hilden stayed in control till the finish and won by eight shots.

Down 4-9 at the tenth and 6-15 at 15 ends Raymond Gourley never recovered and lost by 14 shots.

A three at the sixth gave Maurice Kirkwood a 10-3 lead and though Divis came back to 11-8 at the tenth Hilden were 16-11 up at 15 ends and went on to win by eight shots.

HILDEN 96 (6)


When Hilden and Shaftesbury last met in Private Greens Senior Three the match was washed away on that terrible Saturday of torrential rain with only seven ends played.

The match was resumed on Thursday night and Hilden took six points from a 25 shots win.

Picking up at 7-7 Jonathan McMullan added a three but was still level at 15-15 after 15 ends. Hilden lifted three and four to emerge winners by 11 shots.

Starting with a 10-3 lead Maurice Kirkwood was 10-11 down at 11 ends. Hilden picked up two threes to lead 16-11 at 15 ends and went on to win by seven shots. Ahead 10-3 at the seventh Raymond Gourley led 14-10 at 14 ends, but dropped three, two at the closing ends to lose by six shots.

Stephen Kirkwood was 15-7 up at the seventh and added a four to lead 28-9 at 15 ends. Hilden slipped back to 28-18 with two ends left but finished with one, two to win by 13 shots.