Hillsborough on song in Section A of the bowls league

Hillsborough Social have hit top form recently, picking up 21 points from three games.

The latest success was a 29.5 shots home win over Eglantine in Section A of the Roy Kennedy Fuels Indoor Bowling League.

Hillsborough Social 51.5 (7) Eglantine 21 (0)

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A. Sudlow, D. McCallion, K. Trainor, N. D. Haire 18, D. Kerr, R. Neely, T. Kinghan, V. Bryans 4; G. Ervine, R. Bolton, N. Shaw, R. Sloan 17, A. Farr, D. Dowling, D. Ford, C. Morrison 3; V. McCarthy, T. Heasley, A. Riley, N. Haire 9, A. Liggett, J. Parkinson, M. McLernon, Mel McQuillan 7; G. Riley, T. Gribben, M. Beattie 7.5, S. Bates, Mary McQuillan, J. Liggett, G. McLernon 7.

Priesthill 45 (6) Annahilt Parish 16 (1)

C. Lyons, Rob Kennedy, D. Totten, Roy Kennedy 18, B. Payne, N. Elwood, A. Lyons, R. Maitland 4; B. Moore, D. Croot, A. Mulligan, I. Ferguson 3, C. Magee, I. Harrison, L. Wilson, D. Kane 7; G. Law, N. Girvan, M. McCammick, P. Melville 13, N. McMullan, O. Callaghan, P. Halliday, C. McMullan 3; R. Mackin, J. McClatchie, D. Lee, S. Heazley 11, B. Harrison, N. Mawhinney, J. Magee, W. Hunter 2

St Paul’s 44 (6) St Mark’s 16 (1)

W. Braithwaite, B. Allen, G. Megarry, P. Hughes 16, L. McDowell, C. Walker, N. Martin, V. Wigton 1; A. Allen, I. Kane, K. Burns, J. Harvey 16, S. Dugan, S. McDowell, K. McCullough, K. Ellison 3; J. Maze, B. Maguire, J. Cunningham, B. Kerr 7, I. Moore, C. Barclay, S. Barclay, D. Moore 5; F. Walsh, T. McCallum, R. Topping, J. Chapman 5, F. Stevenson, J. Ellison, A. Walker, J. Gray 7.

Killaney 32 (2) Soldierstown 38 (5)

A. Patterson, P. Gregg, I. Johnston, E. Patterson 10, C. Haughey, C. McCord, J. Johnston, J. Johnston 10; S. McAllister, E. Alexander, A. Johnston, J. Campbell 7, B. Wilson, H. Dillon, T. Lithco, J. Mackey 15; R. Mills, R. Wylie, D. Mills, G. Christie 6, J. Lavery, J. McLorn, J. Dunlop, D. McLorn 6; G. Dobbin, J. Gregg, M. Foreman, J. Alexander 9, G. Lavery, R. Martin, B. Scott, M. McDonald 9.

St Mark’s 29 (1) Killaney 38 (6)

L. McDowell, S. McDowell, N. Martin, V. Wigton 5, A. Patterson, P. Gregg, I. Johnston, E. Patterson 11; C. Walker, J. Ellison, A. Walker, R. McCaw 6, S. McAllister, R. Copes, A. Johnston, J. Campbell 10; S. Dugan, L. Scott, K. McCullough, K. Ellison 6, R. Mills, R. Wylie, D. Mills, G. Christie 12; I. Moore, C. Barclay, S. Barclay, D. Moore 12, G. Dobbin, J. Gregg, J. Copes, M. Foreman 5.

Section B

Sloan Street stop Broomhedge

Broomhedge were going well in Section B of the Roy Kennedy Fuels Indoor Bowling League but they were stopped by Sloan Street who won by 11 shots at home and took six points.

Sloan Street40 (6) Broomhedge 29 (1)

D. Miskimmin, A. Smyth, T. Beck, D. Robinson 11, V. Thompson, G. Martin, T. Dougherty, D. Reddick 6; A. Agnew, C. Aicken, D. Kirkwood, A. McNevison 12, R. Tougher, R. Best, L. Garrett, J. Gray 6; L. Kirkwood, J. McIntyre, C. Beck, K. Armstrong 5, T. Parkinson, D. Gray, T. Thompson, B. Hobson 14; W. Irwin, J. Shannon, J. Shortt, S. Irwin 12, J. Waddell, A. Briggs, H. Wilson, B. Briggs 3.

Derriaghy 28 (2) Hilden 34 (5)

A. Marks, R. Hamilton, J. Belshaw, T. Gill 10, J. Harron, J. Jordan, J. Freeborn, D. Harron 3; S. Williamson, T. Rolston, C. Ross, G. Fell 9, J. Pink, J. Williams, R. Keag, C. McConnell 14; R. Partridge, K. Johnston, D. Carser, R. Walker 6, D. Miskelly, R. Montgomery, H. McMullan, J. McMullan 5; C. Agnew, N. Agnew, R. Carser, M. Fell 3, A. Miskelly, L. Finlay, D. Sloan, C. Montgomery 12.

Lambeg Parish 39 (5) St Joseph’s 31 (2)

M. Smyth, L. McDougall, B. Bloomfield, R. Campbell 9, B. McFall, S. Duffy, T. Mallon, H. Lundy 8; E. Rice, M. Finn, E. Finlay, C. Kirkwood 9, G. Laverty, A. Catney, A. Laverty, D. Magennis 12; L. Gilbert, A. Jennings, M. Kerr, M. Kirkwood 8, T. Wilkinson, T. Law, A. O’Rourke, C. Mulholland 9; M. McKeever, S. Belshaw, J. Kerr, R. Kirkwood 13, L. Law, M. Furey, C. Wilkinson, S. Mulholland 2.

Section C

Aghagallon surprise Suffolk

Aghagallon surprised Suffolk in Section C of the Roy Kennedy Fuels Indoor Bowling League when they won by four shots and took five points.

Suffolk came back though with an 11 shots home win and five points against St Colman’s Lambeg.

Aghagallon 34 (5) Suffolk 30 (2)

P. Mitchell, A. Clenaghan, U. Corey, M. Corey 6, T. O’Reilly, M. O’Neill, R. McCullough, S. Collins 9; K. Russell, G. Toner, B. Brown, J. Connolly 10, J. Hewitt, J. McGoldrick, B. Gallagher, H. Gallagher 6; M. Fitzpatrick, B. Clenaghan, S. Hannon, G. Little 12, E. McCloskey, G. McAuley, M. Kavanagh, P. Gillen 7; D. Clenaghan, B. Walsh, G. Mellan, E. Hamill 6, L. Dunlop, N. Mallon, R. Craig, M. Dunlop 8.

Suffolk 36 (5) St Colman’s L’beg 25 (2)

T. O’Reilly, J. McGoldrick, R. McCullough, S. Collins 6, J. Donnelly, J. Burns, N. Kerr, J. Burns 7; J. Hewitt, H. McKenna, B. Gallagher, H. Gallagher 6, E. Rodgers, P. McCallion, M. Quigley, F. Agnew 7; E. McCloskey, J. McAuley, M. Kavanagh, P. Gillen 9, R. Sale, J. McCallion, P. Robinson, L. Long 5; L. Dunlop, N. Mallon, R. Craig, M. Dunlop 15, R. O’Carroll, P. Bradley, P. Rea, G. McWilliams 6.

St Columba’s 41 (5.5) Derryvolgie 22 (1.5)

K. Whittington, D. Easton, J. Moore, C. Martin 3, B. Quail, O. McAuley, R. Hamilton, K. McCreight 10; D. Lindsay, V. McMillen, D. Smith, I. Scott 17, J. Parker, M. Hamilton, B. Kane, J. McCartney 2; G. Heatherington, A. O’Hara, T. Smith, D. Henry 13, M. Hanna, Darren Parkes, K. Quail, David Parkes 2; J. Henry, C. Bailey, K. McCully, B. Campbell 8, M. Atcheson, B. McClarnon, R. Parkinson, J. Bratty 8.

Derryvolgie 22 (1) Lisburn Masonic 43 (6)

B. Quail, O. McAuley, R. Hamilton, K. McCreight 9, J. Elliott, D. McPherson, M. Hanna, W. Benson 7; J. Parkes, M. Hamilton, J. McCartney, R. Parkinson 1, A. Jennings, M. Blair, B. Lemon, J. Houston 12; M. Hanna, Darren Parkes, K. Quail, David Parkes 5, J. Smyth, M. McClean, J. Kinkead 8; M. Atcheson, B. Kane, B. McClarnon, J. Bratty 7, J. Grant, T. McCallum, J. Moore, J. Fawcus 16.

Rock are winners at Eglantine

Rock bowlers won both prizes at the Eglantine Christmas fun bowls on Friday night.

Michael Reid was the men’s winner and Suzanna Cushnahan lifted the ladies prize.

There was a large attendance and a good night’s bowling was had by all.

Christmas wishes to all bowlers

The chairman and committee of the Roy Kennedy Fuels Indoor Bowling League wish all bowlers in Lisburn a very happy Christmas.

Two Lisburn winners at Jethro Rinks

There were again two winners from Lisburn at the Jethro Rinks League.

Stephen Irwin won for a second successive week and he was joined by Sadie White.

Morning section: G. Richardson 17, A. Thompson 17; N. Orr 11, S. Irwin 13, W. Cairns 13, A. Magee 15; L. Magennis 19, S. Garvey 14; A. Mulligan 13, R. Hunter 13; G. Bell 8, N. Conlon 16.

Afternoon section: T. McCartan 15, W. Clinghan 9; S. White 18, N. Garvey 14; C. Maguire 16, R. Neely 11; J. Mackle 17, G. Devlin 10; J. Taylor 10, M. Milligan 16; B. Boness 9, W. Martin 29.

• There are no matches in the Roy Kennedy Fuels Indoor Bowling League from Monday, December 21 till Monday, January 4.