Ladies’ darts: Three teams share top spot

Waterside Darts Pairs Competition to take place this weekend.Waterside Darts Pairs Competition to take place this weekend.
Waterside Darts Pairs Competition to take place this weekend.
United’s draw with Thatch Ladies and No. 1 Eagles’ 5-3 win against Legion Wings, means there are three teams at the top of the Larne Ladies’ Darts League.

United, No. 1 Eagles and St John’s share top spot.

No. 1 Ladies landed second win of the season with a 5-3 success over Legion Ladies, while Ballylumford defeated Fleet Ladies on the same scoreline. St Comgall’s had a good 7-1 away to Rangers.

Results: Thatch 4 (I. O’Sullivan, L.Rea, D.McIlhatton, H. Lough) v United 4 (A. Dempsey. J. Gillespie. J. Johnston. N. Irvine); Legion Wings 3 (U. McBride, S

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O’Toole, A. Reid) v No. 1 Eagles 5 (E. Woods, N. Roberts, M. Hardy, L. Swann, J. Graham); No.1 Ladies 5 (A. Davidson, S. Davey, L. McHendry, M. Hodge. M. Kirkwood) v Legion Ladies 3 (E. Yendall, W. Woodside, P. Yendall); Ballylumford 5 (M. McIlroy, M. Kirkpatrick, R. Maguire, J. Hyslop, J. Burgess) v Fleet Ladies 3 (D. Reid, W. Bell, S. Barkley) v Rangers 1 (A. Robinson); St Comgall’s 7 (E. Toner, M. Henry, A. Shaw, C. Shaw, J. Woodside, K. McMaster, M. Maxwell).

High scores: 140, B. Barr (Thatch); 140, I. McFaul (Rangers); 125, D. Reid (Fleet).

December 9 fixtures: No. 1 Eagles v St John’s; Ballylumford v Legion Ladies; Legion Wings v Thatch; Rangers v No. 1 Ladies; Fleet v United. Bye: St Comgall’s.

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