Lagan Valley and Finaghy both win as they keep up good form with wins


LURGAN B 75 (2)

Lagan Valley kept their good home form going with a four shots win over Lurgan B in NIBA Division 5.

A four and a three helped Jim Kinkead to a 12-6 lead at the tenth and 20-11 at 15 ends before winning by 12 shots.

Despite lifting a four Jeff Fawcus was 9-11 down at the tenth and he lifted five and three but was 17-18 down at 15 ends before losing by ten shots.

Jim Spence was 12-5 ahead at the tenth but 12-15 down at 15 ends and lost by three shots though they did lift the last end to assure victory.

Ahead 8-4 at the tenth and 14-5 at 15 ends Billy Hobson won by six shots.

Nice to see Norman Johnston back again to help Lagan Valley out.

W. Benson, B. Lemon, J. Houston, J. Kinkead 26, R. McCartney 14; G. Carruthers, M. Blair, M. Hanna, J. Fawcus 18, D. Henderson 28; P. Gaffney, N. Johnston, G. Murdoch, J. Spence 18, C. Maguire 22; A. Jennings, D. McPherson, J. Parkinson, B. Hobson 17, W. McCullough 11.

Finaghy take six points

FINAGHY 86 (6)


Finaghy took six points from a 22 shots home win over Annalong in NIBA Division 4.

There were wins for Randal Megrath, Trevor Flack and Greg Peacock.

R. Blevings, T. McKeown, E. Ashton, T. Flack 25, J. McCalla 17; T. Brown, J. Moore, H. Morrison, G. Peacock 20, J. McCarroll 15; H. Wilmont, W. Kingan, J. Cairnduff, J. Campbell 12, C. Lonsdale 21; W. Taylor, J. Lendrum, J. Curry, R. Megrath 29, J. Stevenson 11.