Latest news from around local lofts

Latest results are:

Ballymena & District HPS: All pens were filled on Monday night for the two old bird classes, judged through the wires by Tom and Albert Young from Ahoghill. It was another good night for visiting lofts with Jimmy Letters from Harryville winning the Old Cocks plus Special for BIS. W & J Smyth won the Old Hens class for the home club.

Monday 19th November Old Cock & Old Hen Handled. Results: Old Cocks T/W (67 Birds) – 1st & Special J Letters, 2nd & 3rd W & N Gilbert, 4th W & J Smyth, Reserve B Herbison, VHC J & B Balmer, HC G & A Eagleson, Commended McAlonan Bros. Old Hens T/W (62 Birds) – 1st & 3rd W & J Smyth, 2nd MCD Magill, 4th D & R Turkington, Reserve J Letters, VHC B Herbison, VHC M/M M Sempey, Commrnded W & N Gilbert. The annual Open Show will take place in Cullybackey on New Year’s Day, Tuesday 1st January 2013.

Kells & District HPS: Young Cocks T/W (64 Birds) – 1st A Barkley & Son, 2nd, Reserve & VHC T Shanks & Son, 3rd & HC Scott & Clements, 4th Surgenor Bros, Commrnded B Swann & Son. Judges: Mr & Mrs Sempey and Tom McAlonan (Ballymena & District). This Week (Wednesday) – Young Hens T/W.

Ahoghill Flying Club: The first week for Ahoghill was Young Cocks & Young Hens judged through the wires by David Young from Muckamore. J & B Balmer from Ballymena & Dist had 1st & 2nd in the Young Cocks and A & N Young the Red Card in Young Hens.

Results: Young Cocks T/W (41 Birds) – 1st & 2nd J & B Balmer, 3rd, 4th, VHC, HC & Commended M/M Robinson, Reserve W & N Gilbert. Young Hens T/W (39 Birds) – 1st, 3rd & HC A & N Young, 2nd J & B Balmer, 4th M/M Robinson, Reserve & Commended W Livingstone, VHC T & G Balmer. Old Cocks T/W (45 Birds) – 1st D Young, 2nd D Stevenson, 3rd, 4th & VHC T & G Balmer, Reserve & HC Young McManus & Sons, Commended M/M Robinson. Judge M Sempey, Ballymena & Dist. Old Hens T/W (39 Birds) – 1st & Commended Balmer Young & Sons, 2nd & 3rd T & G Balmer, 4th D Stevenson, Reserve J Orr & Son, VHC D Young, HC M/M Robinson. Judge Mrs E Sempey, Ballymena & Dist. Friday – Young Cock & Young Hen Handled.

Cullybackey HPS: Old Hens T/W – 1st Russell Bros, 2nd & Reserve R & D Turkington, 3rd & HC J & J Greer, 4th E Davidson, VHC & Commended Reid Bros & McCloy. Old Cock T/W – 1st, 4th & HC Reid Bros & McCloy, 2nd, 3rd & Reserve B Herbison, VHC J & B Balmer, Commended Russell Bros. Old Pairs T/W (82 birds) – 1st & VHC Reid Bros & McCloy, 2nd & HC J & J Greer, 3rd N & S Anderson, 4th & Reserve Russell Bros, Commended B Herbison. Young Pairs T/W (66 birds) – 1st B Herbison, 2nd, 3rd & VHC W & N Gilbert, 4th Russell Bros, Reserve J & B Balmer, HC E Davidson, Commended Reid Bros & McCloy. Judges: Roy Balmer and George Price.