Local minimoto riders collect awards from World Superbikes star

THANKS, on behalf of my daughter and myself, to all concerned with the Minimoto Racing Club of Ireland awards presentation last Saturday night.

World Superbike star Eugene Laverty presented the awards and from what I could see was having a great time just kicking back a bit, chatting to kids, signing autographs and posing for photos.

I asked him if there was any word on his team mate for next year, following the retirement of world champion Max Biaggi. He tells me he isn’t sure at the minute but Sylvian Guintoli is a possibility, and I think he even mentioned Davide Giugilano. I stand to be corrected there, though.

Maybe we will see the Toome rider getting a better chance next year.

I hope the Italian factory don’t forget that when they are working out the pecking order for 2013! Eugene himself finished in sixth place this year.

I have promised some of the people involved in minimotos that I would to go to a couple of meetings next year.

I firmly believe, and always have, that the next generation of short circuit and road racers are now racing in minimoto and there isn’t a sport anywhere that won’t benefit from a bit of newspaper coverage.


Normally at this time of the year, I ask riders from within the Ballymena & Antrim Times’ catchment area to get in touch with me and let me know their plans for next season. Some do, but many don’t bother. Then they complain that I never do anything for them.

I can be contacted through on 07540 608757, through the Times office, or on my email at [email protected].

There’s no point in going onto websites complaining that you never get a mention if your career’s a secret to me. The balls in riders’ court now.

Roy Adams

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