Man United date for St. Pat's

A NUMBER of pupils and staff from St. Patrick's Academy in Lisburn made what has now become an annual weekend trek to Old Trafford to see their heroes Manchester United take on Portsmouth recently.

The day of the match was actually the 52nd anniversary of the Munich air crash and before the game started there was a minute's silence which was impeccably observed by everyone in the ground. Eoin Mulholland, a Year 8 pupil was amazed at the complete silence which engulfed the whole stadium considering that over 76,000 people were inside it.

Eimear Lawlor, a Year 8 pupil was taken in by the sea of scarves and flags being waved throughout the entire game and the noise which was at times deafening. Joseph Largey, a Year 9 pupil was simply blown away by the skills of Wayne Rooney, Nani, Berbatov to name but a few of the Manchester United team, for him to see football at this level was an education of how the game can be played by world class professionals.

All of the party were treated to a goal fest as Manchester United thumped Portsmouth by five goals to nil.

Most of the game was spent jumping up out of seats to celebrate another goal once the floodgates opened. Marc Crean, a Year 9 pupil and a big Manchester United supporter actually felt sorry for Portsmouth and hoped that they would stay up providing they sorted out their financial problems.

For the duration of the weekend the school stayed at the excellent Britannia Hotel on the outskirts of Wigan and just a short journey to Manchester. Before going to the game on Saturday morning the entire party spent some time shopping in the amazing Trafford shopping centre buying presents for family members and themselves. That evening the party spent a fun-filled evening at the Trafford Centre entertainment complex.

Before heading for home on the last day all of the party returned to Old Trafford for a visit to the museum and a guided tour of the stadium which was an enthralling experience for all seeing inside the players' changing rooms and being able to walk down the red tunnel and stand alongside the pitch.

Teacher Gerry Heaney, a lifelong supporter of Manchester United and who organised the trip said that for all of the pupils it would be a weekend they would remember for a long time.

All being well the school will return to Old Trafford next year.